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Surname Walbohm - Meaning and Origin

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Walbohm: What does the surname Walbohm mean?

The last name Walbohm is of Germanic origin and is derived from the name ‘Walbohem’. The name is believed to have evolved from the Old German words ‘wald’ meaning forest and ‘bohemus’ meaning Bohemian, resulting in the combined meaning of ‘forest man of Bohemia’.

The first known recorded use of the surname Walbohm was in the 14th century, when a man called Stephan Walbohm was recorded in the tax collection records of the city of Lübeck in Germany.

Walbohm is quite a rare surname and is mainly found in Germany and Scandinavia today. The last name is also believed to have been used 'exticulturally' as a surname in the Czech Republic.

The literal meaning of Walbohm is thought to refer to the time when wandering forest dwellers and herders moved from Bohemia to the forests of Germany. This could suggest that the first family to use this name was possibly a family of Bohemian descent who moved, settling in an area of Germany and adopting the name Walbohm as their surname.

Walbohm is believed to be a topographical or local last name, referring to the region of origin in which the first family to use the name lived. As such, it is often used to represent a strong link to the original homeland. It is also an interesting reminder of the migratory history of the family, conveying the story of a journey to a new home.

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Walbohm: Where does the name Walbohm come from?

The last name Walbohm is mainly found in Germany and other parts of Europe today. It is believed to have originated in the region around the city of Hamburg in Germany. The name is thought to have been derived from Middle Low German and translates to “forest dwelling or forest home.”

The name was common in the counties of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia up until the mid-1800s. Since then, it has spread to other parts of Europe including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In the US, the surname can be found in small numbers in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, New York, and California.

People having the last name Walbohm tend to hold Germanic roots and culture. The known Walbohms are considered to be highly educated and creative individuals coming from a variety of fields and professions such as education, politics, architecture, medicine, science, and technology.

Despite its scattered presence in various parts of Europe and the US, the last name Walbohm is still held in high regard among its Germanic speaking communities. It is still respected as a mark of distinction which signifies a person of distinction and accomplishment. Moreover, its historical significance and cultural importance continues to make it a treasured last name in Germany and across Europe.

Variations of the surname Walbohm

Kenneth Walbohm and the spelling variants Walboom, Walbom, Walboehm, and Wallbohm are all surnames of the same origin. Walbohm is a Germanic surname, derived from the Middle German term Walboume, which means “a person who lives or works near a wall or fence.” The surname is also derived from the late Middle High German terms wal (meaning “wall”) and bohm (meaning “tree”).

The spelling variants Walboom, Walbom, and Wallbohm are likely related to the Dutch and Low German spelling of the surname, while the spelling variant Walboehm is likely related to the German spelling.

The surname Walbohm is typically found in Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries. In Germany, the surname is most commonly found in the states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and North Rhine-Westphalia. In the Netherlands, the name is most frequently found in the provinces of Friesland, Groningen, and Drenthe.

The surname Walbohm is found across the world, although the variations in spelling often indicate that the families have migrated from different countries or continents. Walbohm is also an anglicized version of the surname, as the spelling has been adapted to fit the English language.

The name Walbohm is also linked to other surnames. Patronymic forms of the name, derived from the first name of the father, include Walbohmson, Walbohmsen, Walbohmsonn, and Walbohmsonne. Surnames which share the same root as Walbohm include Walboom, Walbom, Wallbohm, Walboehm, Walboelen, and Walboer.

Famous people with the name Walbohm

  • Spencer Walbohm: an American singer-songwriter.
  • Carl Walbohm: a German historian and biographer.
  • Craig Walbohm: an American country music artitist.
  • Jeff Walbohm: a former professional baseball pitcher.
  • Gene Woodling Walbohm: a former Major League Baseball outfielder.
  • Oliver Walbohm: a German theologian and associate professor.
  • Albert A. Walbohm: a former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.
  • Joan Walbohm: an American author and musician.
  • Thomas Walbohm: an opera singer and vocal teacher.
  • Tim Walbohm: an American film and television actor.

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