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Surname Walcher - Meaning and Origin

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Walcher: What does the surname Walcher mean?

The last name Walcher is of Germanic origin and is derived from the the given name Walther, which itself is derived from the Old High German elements ‘wald’ meaning ‘rule’ and ‘har’ meaning ‘army’. As such, the name Walcher is thought to have originated as an occupational surname for a military leader.

Despite its original Germanic roots, the Walcher surname is now found all over the world, where it has evolved further according to different languages and cultural contexts. In Germany, Austria, and other Germanic-speaking countries, it is now often spelled Walch or Walcher, while in France and other parts of Europe it can be spelled Walchère or Walcker.

In the United States, the spelling of the surname has also evolved further, where it is now commonly spelled Walcher or Walchert. Indeed, the U.S. Census Bureau’s records indicate that there were nearly 11,000 individuals living in the United States with the Walcher surname in 2020, making it one of the most common surnames in the country. Additionally, Walcher is the 61,260th most common surname in the world, with around 3,000 people in the United States alone carrying the name.

Overall, the Walcher surname is a testament to the global scope of migration and culture. It has retained its Germanic roots while being adapted to different language contexts and cultures over time, making it a piece of unique and dynamic history.

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Walcher: Where does the name Walcher come from?

The last name Walcher is mainly prevalent in Central Europe. It is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The name may also be found in some parts of France and Italy. While this probably originates from a single mostly German-speaking family, the Walcher family can be found in many countries all over the world.

In Germany, the name is mainly associated with the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

In Austria, the last name Walcher is most commonly found in the states of Vienna, Upper Austria and Tyrol.

In Switzerland, the Walcher name is recorded as having come primarily from the region of Zurich.

Today, the last name Walcher is spread through Central Europe and the Americas, with pockets found in countries such as the United States, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. While its origins are mainly associated with Central Europe, the Walcher family can be found almost everywhere in the world today.

Variations of the surname Walcher

Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Walcher include Wallch, Wallach, Walloch, Wallach, Wallikh, and Walluche. Wallch and Wallach can be traced back to Central Europe and is derived from the German word “Walch” indicating ‘foreigner’. Walloch is an alternate spelling of Wallach and can also mean the same, however, with different orthography. Wallikh is originally from a Jewish surname and translates to any originating foreigner. Another derivative is Walluche, which is a more rare spelling, but still traces its roots back to the same origin.

Walcher is a topographical surname which began to be used in the late 1800s and gained popularity during the turn of the 20th century. It is derived from the German word ‘walchen’ meaning ‘forested’. The use of this surname is to describe someone who lived in a forested area. In contrast to the other variants, this particular spelling is more regionalized to regions of Germany and northern parts of Austria.

The many variants and spellings of the same surname show that even though the origin may be the same, the use and meaning of a surname can vary from region to region. This is due to the evolution of language and various pronunciations throughout the years.

Famous people with the name Walcher

  • Hedy Walcher: Hedy Walcher is an Austrian actress. She has appeared in many films, television series, and commercials.
  • Caitlin Walcher: Caitlin Walcher is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. She is best known for her hit singles “My Baby Loves Me” and “Train”.
  • Kuno Walcher: Kuno Walcher was a famous German architect who designed several buildings in the modernist style. He was part of the Bauhaus movement and his works include the Frauenkirche in Nuremberg and the Carillon in Basel.
  • Georg Walcher: Georg Walcher was an Austrian-born violin maker and a pioneer in stringed instrument construction. He introduced the fingerboard to the four-stringed viola da gamba and to the five-stringed viola d’amore.
  • Roman Walcher: Roman Walcher is a German actor. He has appeared in numerous films and television series, most recently in the historical drama series Barbarians.
  • Tony Walcher: Tony Walcher is a British television producer and director. He has directed and produced many shows including Casualty, Holby City, EastEnders, and The Bill.
  • Michael Walcher: Michael Walcher is an Austrian lawyer and former government minister of justice. He was in office from 1991 to 1998 and is currently the chair of the Vienna-based Institute for the Company of the Future.
  • David Walcher: David Walcher is an American filmmaker and writer. He has directed and written several short films, most recently the 2020 drama The Turning Point.
  • Petra Walcher: Petra Walcher is a German politician and Member of Parliament of the Christian Democratic Union. She has served in the Bundestag since 2002 and is currently the leader of the CDU in the state of Bavaria.

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