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Surname Waldar - Meaning and Origin

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Waldar: What does the surname Waldar mean?

The last name Waldar is of German origin and is derived from two distinct sources. Firstly, it is a topographic name for someone who lived near a forest, coming from the Middle High German word ‘wald’ meaning ‘forest’. Alternately, ‘Waldar’ may have been derived from the personal name Walter, which was popular in the early Middle Ages. In this case, ‘Waldar’ would mean ‘son of Walter’.

The surname occurs mainly in Germany and Austria, but was also found in small numbers in Switzerland. The variants ‘Walder’ and ‘Valder’ are especially common in Germany, while ‘Welder’ is more common in Austria and Switzerland.

Today, people called ‘Waldar’ are found across the world, with particularly high concentrations in Germany, throughout Austria, in Switzerland, and in the United States. The American branches mostly descend from German immigrants who left their homeland during the 19th century to search for a new life in the US.

The Waldar surname is a source of pride for its bearers and has a strong tradition of stories and legends. Sometimes, those who bear the name Waldar can be seen to be strong-willed and fiercely independent individuals, though always with a strong sense of family and loyalty.

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Waldar: Where does the name Waldar come from?

The last name Waldar is most commonly found in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The earliest known Waldar was a Viking by the name of Valdar, who lived in the 10th century. It’s believed that the Waldar family name has roots in old Norse words meaning “valley archer” and that they were likely skilled bowmen during Viking times.

Today, Waldar is one of the most common surnames in all of Scandinavia. According to the global genealogy database Family Search, the last name Waldar was found in the 1000 1900s census in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark at a rate of around 5,000 per million inhabitants. It’s also the 49th most common surname in Sweden.

Waldar is also present in the United States, where the surname first came to the country as immigrants. According to the Census, the last name is present in small numbers but in all of the fifty states. The largest numbers of Waldars are found in the midwest - Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio - as well as in the western states of Oregon and Washington.

This common last name is also present in countries around the world such as Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. Whether it’s in Scandinavia, the United States or elsewhere, the last name Waldar is a reminder of the Viking roots of so many countries in the world.

Variations of the surname Waldar

The surname Waldar is a Germanic name with English and Scandinavian variations. It derives from “walda,” an Old High German word that means "ruler," and “waldar,” an Old English term for “forest keeper.” In English, the name can be spelled Waldar, Waldaar, Waldir, Wealdar, Wealdir, and Waldir. In Scandinavian languages, Waldar can be spelled Valdar, Valtar, Valter, Valder, Valderr, Walder, Valter, Walder, Valthar, Waldir, and Valthur.

The surname can also be found in other European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Romania, and Finland. Variants in these countries include Valldares, Valldarez, Waldares, Waldarez, Walderez, Valderez, Valderaz, Valdeross, Valtar, Valther, Valtère, Valtero, Valtér, and Valters.

The Waldar surname is also found in several countries in Asia, including Japan, where it is spelled ワルダー or Warudā; and India, where it is spelled Valder or Waldar.

In conclusion, the surname Waldar is widespread across many English-speaking countries, as well as several countries in Europe and Asia. It can be spelled in several different ways, including Waldar, Waldir, Valtero, Valther, Valtar, Valther, Valildares, and Waldares.

Famous people with the name Waldar

  • Avi Waldar: Israeli television and radio personality
  • Anna Waldar: British lifestyle influencer
  • Mali Waldar: French physician and businesswoman
  • Michele Waldar: British businesswoman and entrepreneur
  • Udi Waldar: Israeli mathematician
  • Jaron Waldar: American actor
  • Rachel Waldar: Canadian filmmaker
  • Jonathan Waldar: Australian photojournalist
  • Henry Waldar: American historian and professor
  • David Waldar: Israeli stand-up comedian

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