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Surname Waldhauser - Meaning and Origin

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Waldhauser: What does the surname Waldhauser mean?

The last name Waldhauser is a German-language surname derived from the words ‘wald’ meaning ‘forest’ and ‘haulein’ meaning ‘small house’. The name thus denotes someone who either lived in a small house in a forest or owned one. In some cases, the name may have originated as a topographic surname for someone who lived near a forest or near a small house heavily forested area.

In the early 14th century, the Waldhauser family in Bavaria and Austria is first documented as having its roots in the reflection and habitation of the forested region of melodic valleys merged between Upper and Lower Austria. Thousands of families across central Germany ended up bearing the Waldhauser name, which spread widely across the region.

The name Waldhauser is a ubiquitous surname across Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe. Throughout the years, many immigrants from Europe have taken the name to other countries, cementing its permanence in global history.

Today, people who bear the last name Waldhauser typically come from a German-speaking culture, but citizens of other countries and cultures can now also claim the name as their own. The Waldhauser last name is an important part of German, Austrian, and global history, having originated centuries ago.

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Waldhauser: Where does the name Waldhauser come from?

The last name Waldhauser is most commonly found in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It is an uncommon name in other European countries and most other countries around the world.

In the United States, the name Waldhauser is not very common. In the 2010 census, the name was ranked at 33,318th in terms of the most popular last names in the country. It is most common in California, New Jersey, and Minnesota.

In Austria and Germany, the last name is fairly common. In hotspots such as Ybbsitz, in Austria, as much as 11% of the population possess this name. Especially in the Tyrol region, the name is widely spread.

In Switzerland, the name is also not uncommon; the nine cantons all report some possession of this last name. Vaud and Valais both report a rate of 4-5% of the population with the last name Waldhauser. This is one of the most popular last names in this canton.

Given the more prominent usage of this last name in the countries mentioned, it is likely that is where the origin of this last name can be found and from where it spread.

Variations of the surname Waldhauser

The surname Waldhauser, also spelled as Waldhaeusor, Waldhäuser, and Waldhäuser, is derived from two German words, “wald” which means forest and “häuser” or “hauser” which means house. This surname is of German origin and is believed to be priests, or to have originated from a place called “house in the woods”.

Variants of this surname include Waldhaus, Waldhaue, Waldhauser, Waldhauer, Waldhaupt, Waldheim, Waldhoff, Waldhöfer, Waldhofen, Waldhöring, Waldmaier, Waldmeister, Waldner, Waldschmidt, Waldschmied, Waldschmiedt, and Waldthaler. Variations in spelling of this surname also exist, such as Waldhauser, Waldhäuser, Waldhäuser, Waldhäußer, Waldhauser, and Waldhäusl.

The surname Waldhauser is common in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States, where it is likely that many descendants of immigrants from Germany were given the English version of the name, Wallace. Additionally, there are variations of this surname in other parts of the world, such as Valhausen in the Netherlands, Waldauser in Romania, and Waldhausen in Denmark.

In addition to the variants, the terms “waldhaus”, “waldhäuser”, and “waldhäußer” are German surnames related to the Waldhauser family but with separate and distinct origins. “Waldhaus” may be related to a forest or the forest dwelling, while Waldhäuser and Waldhäußer may be related to people who lived near a wooded area.

Regardless of the origin or spelling, the surname Waldhauser is a family name that has been passed down through generations, as it is common in many countries.

Famous people with the name Waldhauser

  • Liam Waldhauser: American actor known for his roles in films such as “The Fault in Our Stars”, “A Star is Born”, and “Divergent”.
  • Tom Waldhauser: former United States Marine Corps General and Commander of the United States Africa Command.
  • Kurt Waldhauser: concert pianist from Austria.
  • Christian Waldhauser: Austrian author and artist.
  • Sabrina Waldhauser: Visual Artist from Germany.
  • Fenris Waldhauser: Professional MMA fighter.
  • Astrid Waldhauser: German artist and photographer.
  • Uli Waldhauser: Olympic figure skater from Germany.
  • Jörg Waldhauser: Pro triathlete from Germany.
  • Ivan Waldhauser: French aerobatic pilot.

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