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Surname Waldhör - Meaning and Origin

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Waldhör: What does the surname Waldhör mean?

The last name Waldhör is a patronymic surname originating from the German language and is derived from the name Waldhar, a variant of the name Valdar. The name Waldhar means "ruler of the woods" and was originally used to designate someone who was the lord of forests or wild lands.

The surname Waldhör is most common in Austria and Germany, and it is also found in other German-speaking regions. It is also common among Central European Jewish populations.

Though derived from a personal name, the surname Waldhör has also been used to identify people who lived in or near woods, forests, or wild lands. As such, it could be an area name that has been adapted as a surname.

The meaning of Waldhör is an important part of family history, as it provides insight into where the family originated from and how they came to have the surname. Additionally, it can help give an idea of the life and work of the ancestors who first bore the name. People with the last name Waldhör may be proud of their heritage and their name, and may feel a connection to the forests and wild lands that gave rise to the name.

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Waldhör: Where does the name Waldhör come from?

The last name Waldhör is most commonly found in Austria today. This last name originates from German and means “wooden hill” or “wooded mountain slope.” It is a habitational name, derived from any of numerous places in Austria and Bavaria with this name, such as Waldhör near Innsbruck and Waldhör-Rabeneck in Baden-Württemberg.

The Waldhör family name can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when it was a popular name for people who lived near a “wooded hill.” The earliest recorded examples of the name is from the 12th century in Austria.

Today, the last name is most commonly found in the Austrian region of Tyrol, as well as in Carinthia and Styria. There is also a limited presence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition, there are some significant numbers of Waldhör families in Germany, the United Kingdom, and North America.

The last name Waldhör is unique and has stood the test of time – in some form or another it has been passed down through generations for centuries. Even today the name is frequently encountered on online genealogy databases and directories.

Variations of the surname Waldhör

The German surname Waldhör has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The variants for this surname are Walhor, Waldhore, Walhore, Walhaer, Walhaer, and Walhör. The spelling variations of Waldhör are Waldher, Waldhör, Waldhore, Wal­dher, Wal­dhör, Wal­dhore, Wal­haer, and Wal­hör. The surnames of the same origin as Waldhör are Walhdorn, Walhedorn, Welhorn, Walhord, Walhort, Walhaur, Walhorer, and Walhaupt.

Waldhör is a German surname derived from an occupational name 'Hör', a term used to refer to a farmer or a rural dweller. Over time, the names have been used in different forms in various regions of Germany. The name Walhör is often found in the region of Bavaria. The variants and spellings are believed to have originated in Austria and Germany.

The surname Waldhör is found in several European countries including Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as in the United States. The variants of this surname are most common in Northwest Europe, particularly Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

The prefix ‘Walt’ found in the surname Waldhör is from the German word Wald, meaning ‘forest’. The suffix ‘hör’ means 'dweller', indicating that the bearer of the surname was likely a forest dweller. Thus, the surname Waldhör denotes a rural dweller or a farmer in a forested area of Germany.

Famous people with the name Waldhör

  • Fabian Waldhör: Actor, best known for his roles in the Austrian television series Viehofer and Verbrechen
  • Matthias Waldhör: Austrian singer and songwriter
  • Robert Waldhöhr.: Austrian philologist and translator
  • Franz Waldhör: Austrian film director and screenwriter
  • Uwe Waldhör: Former manager of the Austrian Football Association
  • Birgit Waldhör: Austrian curler
  • Michael Waldhör: German psychologist and writer
  • Kai Waldhör: Singer and songwriter from Vienna
  • Reinhold Waldhör: Austrian actor, best known for his roles in The Limits of Control and The Charcoal Burners
  • Christian Waldhör: Austrian composer and conductor
  • Markus Waldhör: Austrian conductor
  • Hannes Waldhör: Austrian Rally driver

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