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Surname Waldrip - Meaning and Origin

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Waldrip: What does the surname Waldrip mean?

The last name Waldrip is of German-Swiss origin. It is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Waldo, from Old German words meaning "rule" and "peace." This type of surname is common throughout Europe and was usually given to the son of a man named Waldo.

In Britain, the Waldrip name could have been introduced by traders who traveled to England via Germany's Rhine Valley Group and Switzerland's Waldrich region. Many of these merchants set up businesses or settled in the country, establishing the Waldrip surname.

The Waldrip surname is often an indicator of a family with a long history in the area. Numerous Waldrips have held prominent positions throughout time, including mayors, lords, priests and sheriffs, and they often held leading roles in their communities. The Waldrip family is known for its resourcefulness and industriousness, and contributed largely to the development of the countries they settled in.

Waldrips are also connected to many trades such as carpentry, weaving and masonry. Others became blacksmiths and craftsmen. This surname is still in use today and can be found in various countries, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Waldrip: Where does the name Waldrip come from?

The surname Waldrip is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the US Census Bureau, the surname Waldrip is ranked as the 13,807th most common surname in the United States, and is most frequently found in the South and the Midwest, particularly in Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia. Evidence of the Waldrip surname dates back to the early 1800s in the United States, however the origin of the name is unclear. Some speculate it was derived from German or English immigrants, while others believe it is of English origin. Upon further investigation, most Waldrips today are descendants of those who settled in South and Midwestern states.

Most Waldrip descendants trace their name back to one family, which first settled in Searcy County, Arkansas in the early 1800s. This family is believed to have immigrated from either Germany or England. By 1900, the Waldrip family was more wide-spread throughout the Southern states, including Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia. Over the years, other Waldrip families began to settle in other states, such as California and Wisconsin. Although the Waldrip surname is not overwhelmingly common, its presence is still felt throughout the United States today.

Variations of the surname Waldrip

The surname Waldrip can have several variants, spellings, and surnames associated with it.

The most common variant is 'Walderip'. This variation of the surname is typically found most commonly in English-speaking countries.

Some other common variations include 'Waldrap', 'Walterip', 'Walderipe', 'Walteripe', and 'Walderip'.

In addition to these variations, there are some surnames of different origins which have similar soundings or spellings, such as 'Waldrop', 'Walderopp', 'Walkerdip', 'Walderope', 'Walderap', and 'Walderupp'.

Furthermore, some other spellings or surnames that are associated with Waldrip are 'Waldraff', 'Waldraps', 'Waltherip', 'Waltheripp', 'Walterripp', 'Waltersrip', 'Walterstripp', and 'Walterstepp'.

Additionally, there are other surnames which are of Scottish origin that are similar in sound and spelling, such as 'Walerip', 'Walderick', 'Walderock', 'Walterick', and 'Walterock'.

Finally, there are several German surnames of similar sound and spelling, such as 'Walther', 'Waltherr', 'Waldher', 'Waldherr', 'Waltherr', and 'Walterr'.

Overall, the surname Waldrip can have many variations, including the most common variant, 'Walderip', but also including several other spellings and surnames of different origins such as 'Walkerdip', 'Waltherip', and 'Waltheripp', as well as Scottish and German names.

Famous people with the name Waldrip

  • Imri Waldrip: Imri Waldrip is an American actor best known for his role in the film Days of Heaven.
  • Paul Waldrip: Paul Waldrip was an American baseball player who played in the Major League from 1893 to 1899.
  • Gary Waldrip: Gary Waldrip is an American jazz saxophonist, composer, and sax instructor.
  • Kelly Waldrip: Kelly Waldrip is an American entrepreneur, best known for founding the company MSSange.
  • Jeff Waldrip: Jeff Waldrip is an American award-winning filmmaker and visual effects artist.
  • Barry Waldrip: Barry Waldrip is an American filmmaker and film producer.
  • Laine Waldrip: Laine Waldrip is an American country music singer and songwriter.
  • Robert Waldrip: Robert Waldrip is an American men's health specialist and television personality.
  • Melissa Waldrip: Melissa Waldrip is a professional bodybuilder.
  • Debra Waldrip: Debra Waldrip is an American entrepreneur, real estate developer, and philanthropist.

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