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Surname Walentowicz - Meaning and Origin

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Walentowicz: What does the surname Walentowicz mean?

The last name Walentowicz is of Polish origin. According to online records, the name Walentowicz is derived from the word “Wala,” which is a nickname for Walenty, the name of a Polish Saint which translates to Valentine. The additional suffix “-owicz” is often used to denote patronymy or the surname of a descendant, making the literal translation of the name Walentowicz roughly to mean “Valentine’s son” or “son of Valentine.”

It is not clear exactly when the last name Walentowicz first appeared, but there are references to a surfeit of Walentowicz’s living in old provinces of the Kingdom of Poland, mainly Masovia and Podillia, as early as the 17th century. This family likely had its origins in the magnate family of Siemiatkowski, who had a branch known as the Walentowicz family.

Throughout the history of Poland, the family name Walentowicz has made its way to various parts of the country. It is still a popular Polish surname, with around 1,000 people today bearing the name. Some famous people of this name include film director and actor Janusz Walentowicz, and painter and sculptor Frederic Walentowicz.

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Walentowicz: Where does the name Walentowicz come from?

The last name Walentowicz is most common in Poland and is pronounced “val-en-TOW-veech.” It is believed to have originated in Greater Poland, an area of western Poland that is now part of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship. The name itself may be derived from the word walentować, which means “to tumble” or “to roll.”

The name is most common in larger cities throughout Poland, such as Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, and Łódź, as well as in the provinces of Lubelskie, Mazowieckie, Mazowieckie, and the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Walentowicz is also quite prevalent in the United States, where it appears in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California. The name is found in other countries in Europe and America, such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Slovakia, and Germany.

With its strong Polish roots, it is likely the name originally grew out of a family branch moving further from Poland in search of new opportunities. Today, many Walentowicz's are of mixed European descent, with some carrying family histories tracing their roots to multiple countries. As a surname that is now found throughout the world, the name shows no sign of fading into obscurity any time soon.

Variations of the surname Walentowicz

The surname Walentowicz is of Polish origin and is usually spelled as Walentowicz, although some variant spellings also exist, such as Valentowicz, Valintowicz, Valetowicz, Welentowicz, Valenciowski, and Walanciewicz. This particular name is quite common in Poland, and can be found in many variations.

Most of the variants and surnames of Walentowicz appear to be derived from Valencic, a pre-Slavic language which was spoken in the area of eastern Europe around the first century AD. The name is derived from the Latin word “Valentini”, meaning “strong” or “valiant”.

Several other surnames may also be related to the Walentowicz surname, such as Walento and Walenczak. These surnames could have derived from a Polish nickname for someone who was strong or valiant. Other Polish variations on the surname could include Walanto, Walantis, Walenczyk, and Walenczewski.

The Walentowicz surname can also be found in areas outside Poland, with variants such as Valtentowicz, Valenteau, Valento, Valentino, Valantin, Valenzuela, and Valenzano. These names may have originated from immigrants from the Polish language area who traveled to other countries.

In conclusion, the Walentowicz surname has many variant spellings and surnames, including Valantin, Walenczak, Walenciowski, Valenzano and Valenzuela. Most of these are related to a pre-Slavic language and the Latin word “Valentini”, which refers to someone who was strong or valiant. Other variations may have come about via immigration from Polish speaking regions.

Famous people with the name Walentowicz

  • David Walentowicz: Professional ice hockey player
  • Grzegorz Walentowicz: Professional footballer
  • Steven Walentowicz: Professional golfer
  • Daniel Walentowicz: Professional boxer
  • Monika Walentowicz-Kukuła: Member of the Polish Rowing Team
  • Joe Walentowicz: Former member of the United States Navy
  • Mariusz Walentowicz: Member of the Polish Parliament
  • Czesław Walentowicz: Former politician from Poland
  • Tomasz Walentowicz: Professional snowboarder 10.Kazimierz Walentowicz: Former President of the Polish Football Association

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