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Surname Walkotte - Meaning and Origin

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Walkotte: What does the surname Walkotte mean?

The last name Walkotte is of Dutch origin. It is believed to be derived from the Dutch term Walter, which means "brandisher of the army" or "commander of the army." The Walkotte family would have likely taken their name from someone who was known for being a formidable leader or soldier.

Historically, the Walkotte family were prominent landowners in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages. They were part of the upper class nobility and owned extensive tracts of land. The Walkottes were among the first to adopt many of the aristocratic titles and privileges and they took part in politics, education, military and church affairs as well.

The Walkotte surname has also spread to other countries. Over time, the family name became dispersed around Europe, and eventually to North America and Australia with immigrants from the Netherlands.

Today, the Walkotte surname is found worldwide. It remains a symbol of the family’s distinguished heritage and legacy. The Walkottes have a long and proud history, a legacy of fame and achievement. Each generation of Walkottes has made their mark on their respective countries and the world.

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Walkotte: Where does the name Walkotte come from?

The last name Walkotte is a rare surname today. It is most commonly found in Canada, in the province of Ontario. It is believed to have originated from a landed gentry family in the 1700s, and may have had roots in either Germany or Belgium. The family roots are thought to have spread to Canada in the 19th century, and parts of the United States. It is likely that many Walkottes have assimilated into the general population, making it difficult to trace the true lineage of the name.

Today, there are still hundreds of people in Canada who have the surname Walkotte. Many are descendants of the original Walkottes who arrived in the 19th century. Others may have adopted the name themselves as a way of honouring their European heritage. Although the Walkotte surname is rare, the Canadian branch of the family is quite sizable and active today.

The Walkotte name can also be found in the U.S. census data from various states. One of the notable states include Texas, where many families of German ancestry settled in the late 1800s. Descendants of the Walkottes in the U.S. may not even know their heritage, as many decided to change their surname after the First World War. Even so, the name is still alive in the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Walkotte

Walkotte is a surname of German origin, typically spelled with the spelling variations Walkot, Walkott, Walkote, Walcott, Walcot, or Walcotte.

Variants of the surname Walkotte are found throughout Europe. Some variants exist in France, with the spelling names Walquot, Walhotte, Rocquotte, Waucotte, Waucocloot, and Waucott used. Similarly, the variants Wakolte, Wokkotte, and Vikotte were found in Germany and the Netherlands. In Hungary, the Nagy family used the surname variant Valukot, which in Slovakia was listed as Valikot and Valakota. Other variants of the Walkotte surname include Walcov or Valcov in Romania, Valcövi in Hungary, and Walkovits in Austria.

Spelling variations may arise due to a variety of factors, such as dialectal differences, misspellings, or prejudicial language usages that have come about due to discrimination. People often changed their surname to adapt to a new language, nation, or culture, leading to alternate spellings. The Walkotte surname is also found with other surnames of similar origins, such as Wolkotte, Volcott, Wocott, and Valkoth in Germany; Wacolot in France and England; Wafkot, Wafkow, or Vafkow in Slovakia; Valogotti in Hungary; and Walcovits in Austria.

Some of the surnames of the same origin as Walkotte come from surnames of ancestral lineages, which may be closely related within a family tree. For instance, the Walkotte surname could be of the same origin as the surnames Walke, Walde, Wulke, Walske, Worke, and Wele. Thus, some of the same variations of spellings and surnames of the same origin for the name Walkotte can also be found with these other surnames.

Famous people with the name Walkotte

  • Markus Walkotte: Former American soccer player who is now the head coach at Virginia Tech, prior to which he was an assistant coach at the University of Virginia.
  • Missy Walkotte: An artist and poet from the United States who has illustrated more than 75 books for children and young adults.
  • Ed Walkotte: Former MLB starting pitcher who won three World Series championships with three different teams.
  • Heath Walkotte: Actor and visual effects supervisor who has worked on popular movie and television franchises such as Harry Potter, Captain America and the Avengers.
  • Gary Walkotte: Lead singer and founder of the alternative rock band Sense Field.
  • Pierre Walkotte: Flemish painter and Divine Anachronism artist who specialized in landscape paintings.
  • Ursula Walkotte: Swiss actress and writer who is best known for her roles in the television series Les Divines and Schatz im Silbersee.
  • Martin Walkotte: German-born engineer and inventor who designed a range of pioneering industrial engines and vehicles.
  • Johann Walkotte: German mathematician of the nineteenth century who made important contributions to geometry and number theory.
  • Maria-Anna Walkotte: Belgian poet and playwright who wrote works such as The Notebooks of a Dutch Girl and The Eighteenth of September.

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