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Surname Wallendszus - Meaning and Origin

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Wallendszus: What does the surname Wallendszus mean?

The last name Wallendszus is of German or Dutch origin. It is derived from the term wallend, which translates to mean "rolling waves". The surname is commonly an indication of either watery terrain or having Scandinavian heritage.

This surname can be found in older records from the medieval times in the various countries along the North Sea and Baltic Sea, which are part of both Germany and the Netherlands. Notable people with this surname include: Adelheid Wallendshnus, a German statistician who wrote the book ‘Eine vergleichende Statistik über Schleswig-Holstein’ (Comparative Statistics of Schleswig-Holstein) in 1847; Ferdinand Wallendshnus, a German-American minister who established the Church of Lutheran Brethren of America in 1890; and Hilarius Wallendshnus, a German soldier who fought in the Prussian Army in the 1800s.

The Wallendszus surname likely indicates a proud heritage of individuals who love the sea and the peacefulness of the waves. This name immediately associates its holders with their watery heritage, either from their homeland, or from the sea itself. Additionally, since many ancestors with this surname made their mark defending their homeland and participating in great battles, the name can also have a warlike connotation. Regardless of the origin, the name Wallendszus is an inspiring reminder of the legacy of those it represents.

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Wallendszus: Where does the name Wallendszus come from?

The last name Wallendszus is most commonly found in Germany today. It is a relatively rare name, ranking around the 28,000th most common surname in the country.

The name Wallendszus is thought to derive from the Middle High German Walansuz, which means "the swan's journey". This suggests that the name may have initially been taken on by someone who worked in the transportation and navigation sector, perhaps a sailor or a navigator.

It is also possible that the name was taken on by people who lived close to a river or lake where swans were abundant. In the 17th century the Wallendszus family had land in the Kingdom of Prussia.

By 1910, Wallendszus had expanded its range across Germany, being found in the East Prussia, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg and Saxony. The Wallendszus family of today, however, is largely concentrated in the eastern region of Germany.

The Wallendszus can also be found in the United States today, particularly in the states of Illinois, New York and California.

Originally from Germany, the Wallendszus family name is most commonly found in the country today. As the name slowly spread around the world, an increasing number of people living in the U.S. can also be found with the last name Wallendszus.

Variations of the surname Wallendszus

Wallendszus is an uncommon surname with most of the people bearing the name found in Germany. The original form of the surname Wallendszus is Waldensius and it can be derived from a place name,Wallendorf-Pluwig in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Variations, Spellings and Surnames of the same origin as Wallendszus include Wallendax, Wallenius, Wallensius, Wallenson, Wallentin, Waletzki, Walten, Wallentine, Walts, Walsdorff, Wallenszus and Waldensius.

Wallendax is the first spelling seen in the earlier records of the name. Wallenius is a variant of Wallendax and can be found in the documents from the 15th century. Wallensius, the next variation found, was derived from Wallenius.

Wallenson appears to be the anglicized form of the surname Wallendax. It has been used predominantly in the United States and is the more commonly found variant in modern times. Wallentin is derived from Wallenson and is also seen in the United States records. It is also what most people use in place of the original form of the surname.

Waletzki is a Dutch variant of the surname Waldensius which is also quite common. Walten is another Dutch variant of Wallendax, derived from the word ‘walden’ which means holy valley, though this spelling is not as common as some of the others.

Wallentine is the Scottish version of the surname Wallendax and was most likely adopted when some of the earlier settlers from Germany immigrated to Scotland. Walsdorff is a variant of Wallendax which is seen mostly in the eastern European countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union, and only recently can be seen in the United States.

Wallenszus is a derivative of Wallendax and is found in the records from the early 17th century and is still seen in modern times. Finally, Waldensius is the original form of the surname Wallendszus and is seen in the records from the 14th century.

Famous people with the name Wallendszus

1. Bernie Wallendszus: American entrepreneur and author, best known for founding Wallendszus Retail Corporation in 1980. 2.Jeffrey Wallendszus: Award-winning film director and commercial director. 3.Troy Wallendszus: Former professional basketball player who played for the National Basketball Association's Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz, and Denver Nuggets, among others. 4.Dave Wallendszus: Retired American football player who spent 13 years in the NFL playing defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets. 5.Martina Wallendszus: German synchronized swimmer who competed in four consecutive Olympic games, winning gold medals in both the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics. 6.Willie Wallendszus: American Marine who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War. 7.John Wallendszus: German classical pianist and conductor who served as the artistic director and conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra from 1996-2003. 8.Linda Wallendszus: German television personality who has hosted several programs for both ARD and ZDF, including the music show "Pop-Quiz". 9.Klaus Wallendszus: Austrian artist and sculptor known for his marble and bronze pieces which have been displayed in various locations around the world, including Vienna and Paris. 10.Liz Wallendszus: American theatre performer best known for her roles in multiple Broadway and regional productions of films and plays such as "A Chorus Line" and "The Addams Family".

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