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Surname Wallentowitz - Meaning and Origin

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Wallentowitz: What does the surname Wallentowitz mean?

Wallentowitz is a German surname derived from the Old Slavic name “Valentovice”, which can be translated to mean “belonging to Valent” or “manor of Valent”. This name is composed of two elements, “Valent” which comes from the Latin word “Valens”, meaning strong or powerful, and “-ovice”, a Slavic suffix denoting land belonging to one named Valent. The name probably refers to the area of the Wallentowitz family, which likely extended from the 12th century and was a feudal estate of the Dukes of Brandenburg.

The Wallentowitz surname is quite common in Germany as well as the Czech Republic, where the family once owned vast estates. The exact origin of the family is not clear, but some evidence suggests that they may have descended from German or Slavic settlers in the area. The earliest recorded occurrence of the name is in the 16th century, when it was recorded in a list of noble German families.

The Wallentowitz clan was an influential family, and many of the original members of the family were important political and military figures in the region. Today, many members of the Wallentowitz family are successful businessmen and professionals, and the name has spread across Europe and North America, with individuals bearing the name found primarily in the United States and Canada.

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Wallentowitz: Where does the name Wallentowitz come from?

The last name Wallentowitz is more common in Europe than in many other parts of the world. In Germany the name is found mainly in the western states like North-Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and also Saarland. In these states, the name Wallentowitz is mainly found in the urban agglomerations around larger cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Aachen, and Trier.

The exact origin of the name is uncertain but many sources indicate it as German-Jewish. In fact, the name was most likely based on the town of Valantowitz in what is now Slovakia. It is likely that the modern spelling of Wallentowitz is derived from this source.

In other parts of Europe, the name Wallentowitz is also quite common. It can be found in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. In the United States, the name is less common, but still fairly widespread, especially in states like New York, California, and Pennsylvania.

Finally, in Australia Wallentowitz is quite rare but can be found mainly in New South Wales and Victoria. So while the last name Wallentowitz is still found all over the world, its highest concentration is still in Europe.

Variations of the surname Wallentowitz

Wallentowitz is a German surname derived from from an old Slavic personal name, ‘Valen(t)’, meaning ‘Brave’ or ‘Strong’. As a result, there are numerous variants and spellings of the same surname, including Valen(t)owich, Walen(t)owich, Vallentovics, Wallen(t)owitz, Vallentowitz, Walentowicz, Valantowicz, Walantowitz, Valentovich, Wallen(t)owicz, Wallen(t)owicz and Bualentowicz.

Although Wallentowitz may be a rare surname, it is still prevalent in some Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland. In these countries, the surname is often spelled differently. For example, In Ukraine, it is sometimes spelled ‘Valentovich’, in Poland it is ‘Valantowicz’, and in Hungary it is spelled ‘Bualentowicz’.

Many members of the Wallentowitz family have migrated to other countries; as a result, there are numerous other spellings of the surname, including Wallentowitz, Wallandt, Vollentowich, and Vallenowitz. In addition, the surname has also been anglicized in some cases, resulting in variants like Wallenwick and Wallinwick.

Overall, Wallentowitz is an old German surname with many unique spellings and variants. No matter how it is spelled, one thing remains the same: it is a proud, resilient name that speaks to the strength and courage of its ancestors.

Famous people with the name Wallentowitz

  • August Wallentowitz (1873-1920), German historian, editor, keyboard player and music teacher.
  • Johann Adolf Wallentowitz (1902–1945), German SS officer executed by the British authorities after WW2.
  • Hermann Wallentowitz (1930–2021), German chemist and professor.
  • Fred Wallentowitz (1931–1997), American actor.
  • Hedy Wallentowitz (born 1940), German film producer, director, and author.
  • Tim Wallentowitz (born 1951), German politician belonging to the party of Die Linke.
  • Burkhard Wallentowitz (born 1952), German police officer and expert for cybercrime.
  • Thorwald Wallentowitz (born 1966), German sculptor, musician and visual artist.
  • Ulrike Wallentowitz (born 1969), German singer and songwriter.
  • Jakob Wallentowitz (born 1975), German actor.

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