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Surname Wallis - Meaning and Origin

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K. Wallis

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Wallis: What does the surname Wallis mean?

The last name Wallis is of English origin and belongs to the Wallisian family, a line of English-claiming Norman descent. The name can be found in many different variants, including Warles, Wallisa, Wallees, and Walliss.

Wallis is believed to originate from the Old French verb “waler”, which means “to roll” or “to turn”. It is likely that the original Wallises were keepers of a castle.

From the 12th century on, it became a surname associated with a line of nobles and lords who held the family name and boasted many estates and feudal titles throughout Europe. Other Wallises ventured as far as England and Scotland and made a name for themselves in England’s textile and industrial industry.

Today, the name Wallis is still widely used and proudly carried on by families all around the world. Its bearer’s are known for having a passion for their work and a strong commitment to family. Wallises also have deep roots in philanthropy, often helping the less fortunate. With versatile origins and evolving meanings, the name Wallis is sure to have a lasting significance for many generations to come.

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Wallis: Where does the name Wallis come from?

The last name Wallis is currently found in several countries around the world. The surname is particularly common in Southern Europe, especially Portugal, Italy, and France. Wallis is a relatively common name in the United Kingdom, becoming more popular in recent years with several hundred people annually receiving it as a new surname. It is most frequently found in England and Wales, but is also present in Scotland. Outside of Europe, Wallis is found in countries with large immigrant populations from Europe, such as Canada, the United States, and Australia. It is also commonly found in countries with former French colonies, such as Haiti and Senegal.

Wallis is derived from the French language and is ultimately derived from the Old French term 'wal', which means 'forest'. Wallis was originally a nickname given to someone who lived near or had ancestors living near a forest or wooded area. It is thought to have been brought over to England in the Middle Ages by Norman settlers. Wallis is thought to have become more widely used as a surname in the 19th century as certain families moved to different countries for work or economic reasons.

The last name Wallis is still commonly found in many countries around the world today and is likely to continue to be so in the future.

Variations of the surname Wallis

Wallis is a surname of English and German origin. Variants of Wallis include Walleis, Wallice, Walless, Wallies, Wallys, Wallase, and Walluese. It is a locational surname, derived from the place of Wallis in Switzerland.

The Wallis surname is derived from the term 'Wallisian'. The Wallisians are the natives of Wallis Island, an island located in the Pacific Ocean near Fiji. Historically, it was a protectorate of the United Kingdom. The island was explored by Europeans for the first time in 1767.

The Wallis surname is particularly common in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is also spelled 'Wallys' in some countries. Wallys is an anglicized version of the Wallis surname. It is derived from the Old French word 'Walloyse', meaning 'population of the wall'.

The Wallis surname has also been adopted in many other countries, particularly those with a large German-speaking population. These include Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Russia, and several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Variations of the name in those countries include Walish, Walles, Waler, Walawsky, Valaich, and Valles.

The Wallis surname is derived from the Latin word 'Wallensis', referring to people living on the border. It is said to have originated with a 12th-century German noble family, who were Dukes of Wallis and founded the ancient castle of Wallis in Franconia, Germany.

Overall, Wallis is an old and distinguished surname for which there are many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Wallis

  • Allison Wallis, American actress
  • Wallis Mathias, American fashion model
  • Vivien Leigh, British actor (née Vivien Mary Hartley, surname changed to Wallis in 1940 following marriage to Laurence Olivier)
  • Heiress Wallis Simpson (née Wallis Warfield), infamous for her relationship with Edward VIII of the United Kingdom
  • Wallace Simpson, American singer, songwriter, and musician
  • Norman Wallis, British actor
  • Catherine Wallis, American actress
  • Ben Wallis, American actor
  • Asa Wallis, American actor
  • Jonathan Wallis, Australian professional rugby player
  • Ruth Wallis, American singer
  • Kiki Wallis, American artist
  • Derek Wallis, British theoretical physicist
  • Robert Wallis, British actor
  • William Wallis, American actor
  • Kyle Wallis, American actor and singer
  • Edward Wallis, English actor
  • Gerry Wallis, singer
  • Casey Wallis, American musician
  • Olly Wallis, English singer-songwriter

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