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Surname Wallmann - Meaning and Origin

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Wallmann: What does the surname Wallmann mean?

Wallmann is a German surname, its origin dating back to the Middle Ages. It is thought to be derived from the German word Wal, meaning "forest" and mann, which is the suffix for "man". Based on that, Wallmann is likely a name meaning "forest man". This likely refers to someone who lived in a forest, such as a hunter or a woodsman.

The name Wallmann may also have roots in the Old German languages, such as Frankish and Old Saxon. In these languages, the word Wal has evolved to become Waal, which also means "forest". So, in this case, Wallmann means "forest man" as well.

Using genealogical records, the Wallmann family dates back to at least 1400, when they were first recorded in Germany. Since then, the Wallmann family has spread to all corners of the world, with many bearing the name still living in Germany today.

In today's world, the Wallmann surname is generally regarded as a sign of strength and stature, depicting someone who is hardworking and constantly striving to make something of themselves. It's a positive representation of the humble beginnings of the German Wallmann family, and their continued success throughout the centuries.

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Wallmann: Where does the name Wallmann come from?

The surname Wallmann is most common in Germany, where it ranks as the 385th most popular last name. It is also found in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and the United States. The historical origin of the Wallmann name is not known for certain, however it is thought to be derived from the Old German or Low German word "wal" meaning "forest" or "forest land". This indicates that the family were probably foresters or woodcutters.

In Germany, places with high concentrations of Wallmann's include the North-Rhein Westphalia region, specifically the town of Erkelenz, and the state of Saxony-Anhalt, where Wallmann's are quite commonly found in the city of Magdeburg.

In Switzerland the Wallmann surname is especially biquitous in the region of Zurich, while in the Netherlands, it is predominantly found in the South Holland region in cities such as Rotterdam, Vlaardingen, and Schiedam.

In Austria and France, Wallmann's are mostly seen in the Rheinland Pfalz and Rhone-Alpes regions, respectively.

In the United States, the 2000 census reported over 250 Wallmanns, mainly located in Wisconsin, California, and Pennsylvania. The highest concentration of the surname Wallmann in the USA occurs in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. The number of Wallmanns in the US has grown steadily over the years, indicating that the Wallmann name will continue to exist in the United States for many years to come.

Variations of the surname Wallmann

The surname Wallmann is a German last name meaning “wall man” or “man from the wall.” It is an occupational surname, originally given to someone who worked at or around a large wall. Wallmann is the most common spelling of this surname, but there are other variants and spellings. These include Wallman, Walman, Walmann, and Wallmen.

In the United States, immigrants from Germany brought the Wallmann surname with them, and variations of this name were also commonly used. The most common variants of Wallmann in the United States are Walman, Wallman, and Walmann. Some variant spellings are rarely used but may be encountered when researching family history. These variants include Walmen, Wallmen, Walmun, Wahlman, and Whalman.

Surnames that have a similar origin or meaning to Wallmann might be encountered depending on the location and language. For example, the surnames Wallner, Wallnerovich, Wallnerova, Wallnerová, Wallin, and Wallsten are all derived from a similar stem name. In areas with German-speaking populations, variants of Wallmann such as Walman and Walmann may be encountered.

In addition to the variants of Wallmann mentioned above, there may be other surnames of a similar origin that have been adapted to different languages or regional dialects. For instance, “Wallerstein” is a German surname derived from the same root and is sometimes used in the United States.

Famous people with the name Wallmann

  • Adelheid Wallmann: German soprano opera singer
  • Stephen Wallmann: Hungarian historian and professor
  • Viktor Wallmann: Finnish engineer and economist
  • Anni Wallmann: German actress active in the 1930s
  • Edward Wallmann: German-American immigration lawyer
  • John Wallmann: German American journalist
  • George Wallmann: German American botanist
  • Arnold Wallmann: German American composer
  • Günter Wallmann: German glass artist
  • Dieter Wallmann: German film director and screenwriter
  • Christine Wallmann: German concert pianist
  • Frank Wallmann: German politician
  • Anneliese Wallmann: German architect
  • Wilhelm Wallmann: German botanist
  • Leo Wallmann: German painter
  • Max Wallmann: German physicist
  • Rüdiger Wallmann: German physicist
  • Andreas Wallmann: German organist 19. 20. Walter Wallmann: German politician

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