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Surname Wallters - Meaning and Origin

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Wallters: What does the surname Wallters mean?

The last name Wallters is an English and German name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is derived from the Old English word waltere, meaning "ruler of the army," and was originally used for someone responsible for overseeing and commanding an army. The name developed into variants such as Wollard, Waaler, Wellard and Waller.

Variants of Wallters were found in England as early as 1177 and was common during the Middle Ages. During this time, it was a common name among the Anglo-Saxon people, given their affinity for war and their reputation for strong military leadership.

Over time, Wallters spread to other regions of the world, including the United States, Australia, and Canada. The name is most common in the United States and Canada, where it ranks in the top 500 most popular surnames.

Wallters is generally a surname of nobility and leadership, and likely reflects the strong character traits associated with the original bearer. This could include qualities such as courage, intelligence, and honesty. Wallters is also associated with social status and wealth, especially for those who bear it today.

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Wallters: Where does the name Wallters come from?

The last name Wallters is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the US Census, the surname Wallters was ranked #17,837 in popularity in 2019. The states with the highest populations of Wallters are Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The wallters surname is likely a variant of the more common last name Walters, which is derived from the German surname Walter. It's believed that the Wallters spelling arose when German immigrants settled in the US and incorrectly anglicized their names.

The Wallters surname also has a considerable presence in Canada and Australia. In Canada, the surname ranks in the top 30,000 in terms of popularity, while in Australia, it clocks in at #2,092. The Wallters surname is also present in other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and other countries that shaped the history of the USA.

Thus, it is clear that the last name Wallters is most popular in North America, particularly the United States, Canada, and Australia. The Wallters surname is more likely to be found in these countries due to their history with European migration and the anglicization of surnames.

Variations of the surname Wallters

The surname Wallters is derived from the Germanic personal name Walther, which means ruler or leader. The surname can appear in many variations when spelling and can also be used as patronymic surnames. These variants include Walther, Walters, Watters, Waltar, Walltar, Walthers, Wallters, Waltz, Walts, and Walders.

Walters is the main spelling used for the Wallters surname. This variant may have arisen from an Anglicization of Walther, from German immigrants who settled in the U.S. during the late 18th century. Other spellings, such as Walthers and Wallters, may have resulted from a misspelling of the surname by an official or clerk. The Watters variant is found mainly in Scotland, while Walts is also an occasional variation found in some U.S. records.

Surnames derived from Walther are found in many countries. In Germany there are Walther, Walthers, Walthelm, Walthert, and Walthermann, while in Britain, there are the variants Walter, Walters, Wattles, Watts, and Welters. In France there are also the Walter, Walters, and Wallers. The surname is also found in Italy (Waltero), Hungary (Walther), Austria (Walthers), Switzerland (Walther), and the Netherlands (Walter).

Patronymic surnames derived from Walther are also commonly used. These include Walterer, Waltere, Walltermann, Walterent, Voellter, Voeltz, and Voelter. These surnames indicate that an individual was the son of a Walther, or a descendant of a Walther.

Famous people with the name Wallters

  • Betty White: Emmy Award-winning American actress best known for her work in television, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls.
  • Harry Gordon Walters: American muralist and stained glass window designer of the early 20th century.
  • Bradley Walters: Radio and television presenter in the United Kingdom.
  • Kurt Walters: American musician, singer and songwriter.
  • Dwight Walters: Professional basketball player who briefly played for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Estelle Walters: Award-winning American film, television and stage actress.
  • Michael Walters: Award-winning Canadian television presenter and producer.
  • Matthew Walters: American politician who served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives from 2006 to 2012.
  • Donald Walters: Professional golfer who competed on the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions.
  • Stephanie Walters: Acting coach, founder of the Los Angeles-based “Karmic Repair Shop.”

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