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Surname Walrafen - Meaning and Origin

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Walrafen: What does the surname Walrafen mean?

The last name Walrafen is of German origin and is derived from the Old High German 'walravo'. It is thought to be derived from the root words 'walah' and 'ravi', meaning 'foreign' and 'branch stream' respectively. This may indicate an ancestral origin in a region where other cultures had a strong influence, or may simply refer to the naming of a settlement near a foreign branch stream.

Walrafen appears to be a derivative of the Middle High German surname 'Walraf', with 'raf' meaning 'creek' or 'ravine'. It was also recorded as Walrafen or Wallrafen in some instances, and appears in a range of records throughout the regions of Austria and Germany, beginning as early as the 16th century.

In some instances, the name Walrafen may have also been used by those with a Jewish heritage, although in cases of this origin, the name was likely changed from an original Jewish or Hebrew surname.

The surname Walrafen is relatively uncommon today, with the Walrafen family still located in various parts of Austria and Germany.

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Walrafen: Where does the name Walrafen come from?

The last name Walrafen is most commonly found in the United States, especially in the Midwest. According to, there were 462 records of this surname in the United States in the 2000 census. Primarily located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois, the other states included in the census data were Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and California. Many of the families with the last name Walrafen also originated from Germany and continue to reside within the United States.

The Pennsylvania German society also includes individuals with the Walrafen surname, as well as the larger Pennsylvania Dutch community. Descendants of this group, as well as those who migrated from other areas, have spread nationally. While some German immigrants have long since assimilated and changed their name, the Walrafen lineage remains.

The last name Walrafen is also seen in some other countries around the world, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, but it is much less common. In addition, there are some Walrafens living in Israel and Peru, but they are likely American descendants.

Overall, the last name Walrafen is most commonly seen in the United States, especially in the Midwest. From Pennsylvania to California, the family lineage has seen its ups and downs, leaving descendants with a deep-rooted connection to the origin of the name.

Variations of the surname Walrafen

The surname Walrafen can be found with various spellings and variants throughout the world. The most common spelling of the name is Walrafen, but it can also be found as Walraf, Walraffen, Walrafon, Waloff, Walaff, Waaleraff, Waelrafen, Welrafen, Waelleaffen, Waleaffen, Walreffen, Walrach, Walron, Walrach and Walrath.

The surname Walrafen originated in the region that is now known as Lower Saxony in Germany, and is said to be derived from the personal name 'Waleraf'. It may have been adapted from the Old Germanic personal name ‘Waleraf’ meaning ‘ruler of the army’ or ‘prudent ruler’.

Variations of the surname Walrafen can also be found as surnames in the United States, as Walrafen is an anglicised version of the name. There are many variants of this surname in the United States including Wallraf, Wallrafen, Walrafon, Waaleraff, and so on.

One of the more common spellings of this surname outside of Germany is Walrath, which is seen in the United States, Australia, and other countries around the world. There are numerous variants of this surname in different countries, however, due to various linguistic and cultural influences.

The surname Walrafen is found both in Europe and other countries around the world. As such, its variants and spellings have become more prevalent over time. As a result, the variants and spellings of this name have become more numerous and widespread.

Famous people with the name Walrafen

  • Werner Walrafen: German painter and sculptor
  • Kermit Walrafen: playwright and film director
  • John Walrafen: Australian actor
  • Greg Walrafen: American politician
  • Charles Walrafen: British illustrator and painter
  • Kirk Walrafen: American film producer and director
  • Gordon Walrafen: Canadian artist
  • Sharon Walrafen: Canadian actress
  • Rand Walrafen: Australian author
  • Wolfgang Walrafen: German artist and painter
  • Eric Walrafen: American professional baseball player
  • Holly Walrafen: English composer and musician
  • Carina Walrafen: German singer
  • Mark Walrafen: British actor
  • Christian Walrafen: Austrian race car driver

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