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Surname Walred - Meaning and Origin

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Walred: What does the surname Walred mean?

The last name Walred is a variant of an English surname, Walrod. It is believed to be a locational name of Saxon origin, deriving from the Old English words 'wald', meaning 'wood', and 'rod', meaning 'clearing'. This suggests that this surname would have originally belonged to someone who lived near a wood clearing. It is also possible that the Walred name could have been derived from the Old English words 'wealh', meaning 'foreigner', and 'read', meaning 'red'.

The earliest record found of the Walred surname can be traced back to 1253, when William Walred was recorded in the county of Sussex, England. From then onwards, the Walred name has slowly spread out over England and other parts of the world. The prevalence of the surname is greatest in the United States; however, it is also found in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Throughout history, people bearing the Walred surname have been involved in a variety of occupations, such as farming and crafts. In addition, many members of the family have chosen to go into politics, and those with the surname can be found involved in the military, in universities, and in many other fields.

In conclusion, the Walred surname is a variant of the English surname Walrod, and has its roots in some languages and cultures. Over time, it has spread across the world and has been associated with various occupations and fields. Today, the surname is found in many countries throughout the world, and those with the surname can be proud of their heritage.

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Walred: Where does the name Walred come from?

The surname Walred is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the US Census of 2016, the surname Walred is found most frequently in the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In Ohio, Walred is the 158th most common surname, with 2,941 people firstname sharing the name. In Michigan, Walred is the 377th most popular surname, with 1,502 occurrences. Lastly, in Pennsylvania, the surname Walred is the 299th most common name, with 934 people bearing the name.

Walred is a Germanic surname derived from the words "wal" meaning forest and "rod" meaning counsel or advice. Thus, Walred literally translates to "Advice or Wisdom from the Forest". The name is thought to have originated in Saxony and Lower Lusatia, Germany, and believed to have first appeared in the 13th century.

Since then, the surname has spread around the world. Moving from Germany, the Walred name is common in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. In the United States, the surname is most common among Americans of Germanic descent.

Variations of the surname Walred

Walred is a surname derived from Old English words. The variants of this surname include Walrod, Walrodes, Wallred, Walrond, Walrod, Wallrod, Walread, Walrade, Walread, Walrede, Walredes, Walride, and Wallride.

Walrod is the most common variant of this surname, and is thought to be derived from Anglo Saxon roots, meaning “valley rule”. This could refer to a person or family who held land in a valley. Walrodes can also be a derived form of this variant, although its meaning is unknown.

Walrond is another variant of Walred, and is thought to have originated in Devon. It is likely derived form the Old Finnish word “vallor”, meaning valley, and “wynn”, which means joy. This could be a reference to someone who lived in a valley and brought joy to others.

Walride and Walread are other variants of Walred, and are thought to have in origin from Devon. It is thought they derive from Old Welsh words meaning “ Eliot” or ruler of all.

Wallred and Wallrod are the less common spellings of Walred, and are thought to have originated in Scotland. These spellings may have been derived from the Old English word “waellne”, which means corner or side.

Although this surname is generally thought to have originated in England, other variants have been adopted by other countries, including the US, Australia, and Canada. Common spellings are also often adopted by people of different cultures. For example, Walredes is a popular surname among the Portuguese.

Famous people with the name Walred

1.Dane Walred: Dane is a professional dancer from Arizona, USA. He is best known for his appearances on the Fox reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance and his roles in various music videos, TV appearances, and commercials. 2.Brennan Walred: Brennan is an American actor and stuntman from Southern California, best known for his role as Conrad in the 2019 action movie “Vengeance”. 3.Nelson Walred: Nelson is an American figure skater and Olympic athlete. He won a gold medal in the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver for his performance in the pairs figure skating event. 4.Tara Walred: Tara is an American singer and actress from Kansas City. She is best known for her appearances on the Fox reality TV show The Voice and her starring role in the 2014 movie “Sing It Now”. 5.Kris Walred: Kris is a professional tennis player from California. He was the U.S. Open Men's Singles champion in 2002 and was ranked top 10 in the world in both singles and doubles in 2004. 6.Katie Walred: Katie is an American pro snowboarder from Utah. She is a five-time X-Games medalist and won silver in the 2006 Winter Olympics in the halfpipe event. 7.Chaz Walred: Chaz is an American street artist and graffiti artist from Southern California. He is known for his large-scale murals, installations in public spaces, and collaborations with fashion and streetwear brands. 8.Ben Walred: Ben is an American professional basketball player from Maryland. He was drafted in the first round of the 2021 NBA draft by the Brooklyn Nets.

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