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Surname Wandal - Meaning and Origin

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Wandal: What does the surname Wandal mean?

The last name Wandal is a Swedish or Norwegian toponymic surname derived from two different places. One is Vandal, a small parish located in southeastern Norway in the Tønsberg municipality, while the other is Wandala, a borough within the Åsele municipality of Sweden.

The etymology of the name is rooted in old Norse. The word 'vandal' likely comes from the words 'vand', meaning water, and 'hólmr', or small island. The name Wandala is thought to have been derived from ‘vanad’, or bog, and 'höll', meaning hill.

The name Wandal typically refers to the descendants of individuals who hail from either of the two original locations. It is most commonly found in Scandinavia, and many Wandals are of Norwegian or Swedish ancestry.

Many Wandal families immigrated to the United States, where the last name has become more common over the years. It is also seen throughout Canada, England, Scotland, and other parts of Europe.

Overall, the name Wandal is an interesting example of toponymic surnames, demonstrating how many people took on the names of the places their ancestors hailed from in order to preserve their heritage and legacy.

Wandal: Where does the name Wandal come from?

The last name Wandal is most commonly found in Poland, where it is believed to have originated. According to historical genealogical records, it is one of the oldest surnames in that region, having been used as early as the 13th century. It is thought to have been derived from the German name Wandalin, meaning rule or govern. The Wandal name is only slightly more common in Poland than it is in other European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. There is also a notable presence of the name in Canada, the United States, and Latin America. It is believed that this is due to the large wave of Polish immigrants who arrived in these countries during the 19th century.

The name is currently most commonly found in states and provinces like New Jersey, Ontario, Texas, California, and Illinois. Within the United States, the most concentrated family clusters are found in the metropolitan areas of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It is also found in other areas of the country, albeit in much smaller numbers. It is a relatively rare name in the United Kingdom, but is more common in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Given the name’s Polish origins, it is believed to have been adopted by members of the Wandalin noble family centuries ago. Over the years, its usage gradually spread to other countries, with many descendants bearing the same last name. Even today, the name Wandal remains common in many parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Wandal

Wandal is a surname originating from the German region of Silesia. Variants of the surname include Wandel, Wender, Wendel, Wiedel, Wendl, Wiedl, Vandal, Vander, and Vanter.

Wandal is derived from the word "Wendel" which is a German diminutive of the name "Wend" (gift of the gods). This is related to the German verb ‘wenden’, meaning ‘to turn’, and is believed to be an indication of the family's ancestry over multiple generations of turning and resettling in the region.

The most common spelling of the surname in English-speaking countries is Wendel, with Wender and Wadel also being quite popular. However, spellings such as Vender, Vanter, and Vandal have also been recorded in some English records.

Some other variants of the same origin include Wendlein,Vander, Widler, and Vantner.

The surname Wandal is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, Poland, and Luxembourg. It is less common, but not unheard of,in the United States, Canada, and other countries with German immigration.

No matter the spelling, the Wandal surname unites people and families from different backgrounds in a unique way. It is a reminder of the region's culture and history, while also acting as a bond between distant relatives from different generations who share a common ancestral heritage.

Famous people with the name Wandal

  • Hans Wandal (Scandinavian polar explorer)
  • Olav Wandal (Norwegian cross-country skier)
  • Augusto G. Wandal (Italian-born Venezuelan economist and academic)
  • Catherine Wandal (Norwegian interdisciplinary artist)
  • Andreas Wandal (German digital media specialist)
  • Johann Wandal (Austrian biologist)
  • Hilde Wandal (Norwegian director and screenwriter)
  • Alexandra Wandal (American reality television personality)
  • Frederik Wandal (Norwegian composer and music producer)
  • Haakon Wandal (Norwegian professional golfer)
  • Sigurd Wandal (Norwegian geologist)
  • Roger Wandal (American Navy sergeant and recipient of the Medal of Honor)
  • Lina Wandal (American music video director)
  • Laure Aimee Wandal (French singer-songwriter)
  • Miranda Wandal (Australian Paralympic swimmer)
  • Amos Wandal (Kenyan track and field athlete)

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