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Surname Warrington - Meaning and Origin

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Warrington: What does the surname Warrington mean?

The last name Warrington is of English origin and is believed to have derived from the village of Warrington in Cheshire. It is thought to have originated with the family who held the manor house of Warrington, which may have dated back to the twelfth century. It is possible that the surname is derived from the Old English waer or ware, which means 'mention or talk', and ingas, which means 'family or followers of', as well as tun, meaning 'enclosure, settlement or estate'.

The Warrington family is a very old and well documented family in English history, and a large number of families bearing the surname can be found in alternate spellings all over Britain, Ireland, America, New Zealand, and Australia. They were mainly concentrated in Lancashire before emigrating overseas to the United States. Warrington family members can be found in many different walks of life, ranging from business owners, soldiers, clergy, teachers, and lawyers, to politicians, philosophers, and scientists.

One famous person who bears the last name Warrington is the late English actor John Warrington, who appears in many films from the 1950s through to the 1980s. Many other well-known Warringtons have famous connections, from Senators, novelists, and journalists, to explorers, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

It appears from their many achievements and contributions that the Warringtons were a vibrant and ambitious family with a strong work ethic and a passion for life.

Warrington: Where does the name Warrington come from?

The last name Warrington is mainly found in the United Kingdom today. Warrington is a town and unitary authority area in Cheshire, England, located within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire. It derives its name from the Old English words ‘werling’ and ‘tun’, meaning a hamlet belonging to a man called ‘Werla’.

The 2011 census showed that the Warrington area had a population of just over 202,000 people. The Warrington area is the largest town in Cheshire and is divided into the four districts of North, South, East and West Warrington.

The Warrington area has a shared history with Lancashire, with many who named Warrington descending from a Lancashire family. Warrington’s most popular surname is Smith, followed by Jones and Williams. However, there are also a number of families with the name Warrington, sourced mainly from the industrialist and philanthropist Abraham Warrington, who moved to Warrington in the early nineteenth century and founded a large successful tannery that supplied leather goods to British military forces.

Today, there are many Warringtons in and around Warrington and throughout England and Wales. Warringtons can be found in the United States and Australia too, having emigrated from the United Kingdom in the 19th and 20th centuries in search of a better life. Warrington is also a common name in France, Germany, Ireland, and a few other European countries.

Variations of the surname Warrington

The surname Warrington has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Warrington is traditionally spelled with an "i" after the "r" but can also be spelled as Worrington. The surname Warrington has further Germanic variants such as Warington, Warrinton, Worrington, and Warington.

The surname Warrington can also be traced back through the generations to its original roots in England. In Old English, the word "Warring" means a deer-trap, or simply someone who lived near one. Furthermore, the suffix "ton" was used to signify either a person who lived in a settlement or "town".

The Warrington surname was traditionally found mainly in the counties of Cumberland and Lancashire in North West England. Several variants of the same surname also arose from these counties such as Warrinton, Waring, Warrenden, Warrington, and Warrening. There is also a Scottish variation of this surname, spelled as Warringstoun.

The Warrington surname is found in other parts of the world as well. For example, there is a Caribbean variant of the Warrington surname spelled as Warringston, and there is as well a Jewish variant referred to as Warringteine.

In conclusion, the surname Warrington has a range of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Traditional spellings include Warrington, Worrington, Warington, Warrinton, and Warrenden. Additionally, the name is found in other parts of the world such as the Caribbean and amongst Jewish populations.

Famous people with the name Warrington

  • Victoria Warrington: American model and radio presenter.
  • Jack Warrington: a professional rugby player from England.
  • Ben Warrington: an author and ghostwriter who created many fantasy novels.
  • Vicky Warrington: an English actress best known for her roles in Doc Martin and EastEnders.
  • Chris Warrington: a professional NBA player.
  • Lance Warrington: an Australian Paralympic athlete.
  • Pete Warrington: a former England international rugby union player.
  • Lennox Warrington: a British actor and presenter.
  • Katherine Warrington: a British actress and television personality.
  • Mollie Warrington: an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

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