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Surname Water - Meaning and Origin

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Water: What does the surname Water mean?

The surname Water is usually of English origin and is believed to have been derived from the Old English word 'wæter', meaning water. It was likely a name given to someone who lived or worked near a body of water, such as a river or stream, or perhaps someone who worked with water in some capacity, like a water carrier or fisherman. It may have also been used to denote someone who lived in a settlement or town with 'water', 'mere' or 'fleet' (which all denote bodies of water or waterways) in its name. Similarly, in Germanic and Dutch-speaking regions, it may have been given to people living near a body of water, as "water" also means water in these languages. This kind of surname categorization, using geographical or topographical features, was common in the Middle Ages, and helped distinguish between individuals with the same first name.

Water: Where does the name Water come from?

The last name Water can be found all around the world, but is especially prevalent in the Netherlands. In 2018, Water was the 57th most common surname in the country, with over 17,000 people bearing the name.

In the United States, Water is the 1,381st ranked surname, according to the most recent data from the US census. That puts it at number 127 for the most common last names in the US, with over 18,000 people having the surname.

The United Kingdom also has a significant population of people with the last name Water. The surname ranked number 2,951 in the 2018 data, ranking it 174th in the UK, with over 8,600 people claiming the name.

In Canada, Water was the 3,889th most common surname, ranking it at number 230. It was estimated that over 4,500 people in Canada had the surname Water in the last census.

Though Water is common in many parts of the world, it has a unique origin story in the Netherlands. It was originally a topographical name, derived from the Dutch word for a small body of water: water, which is still used in Dutch today.

Variations of the surname Water

The surname Water has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Waters, Waterman, Watson, Watt, Watter, Watterson, and Wotton.

Waters is the most common variation of this surname. It is often used as a patronymic name to denote a son of Walter or Water. This variation was mainly found in England during the 14th century.

Waterman is another version of the surname. It is derived from the Middle English word “waterer” meaning “a keeper of swine”. This surname is mostly found in England and Holland.

Watson and Watt are other spellings of the surname Water. Watson is derived from a Germanic personal name Wat, meaning “powerful” or “army”. Watt is derived from a short form of Walter, a Middle English name “Wat”.

Watter, Watterson, and Wotton are the other variations of the surname Water. Watter is derived from an Old English word “waetere” meaning “a river”. Watterson is derived from an Old English personal name “Wat”, combined with the Old Norse element “son” meaning “son of”. Wotton is derived from a Middle English word “wottone” meaning “a watcher”.

All of these variants and spellings of the surname Water are believed to have originated in the early Middle Ages and have spread to different countries across Europe.

Famous people with the name Water

  • Tim Waters: American political strategist and campaign manager.
  • Samuel Waters: English parliamentary soldier who fought in the English Civil War.
  • Stephen Waters: Welsh professional soccer player.
  • Vivian Waters: American actress and voice actress.
  • Deborah Water: English poet, author, and visual artist.
  • David Waters: English painter and visual artist.
  • Louis Waters: British actor.
  • Helen Water: Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Stafford Waters: American singer-songwriter.
  • Christopher Waters: Australian professional golf player.
  • Millie Waters: British actress.
  • Dorothy Waters: American dancer, choreographer, and educator.
  • Vanessa Waters: British theatre director and producer.
  • Patrick Waters: American professional surfer.
  • Ned Waters: Australian actor, director, and producer.
  • Laura Waters: American illustrator and designer.
  • Bryan Water: American politician and former mayor of El Paso, Texas.
  • Miranda Waters: Canadian diplomat and research analyst.
  • Moreton Waters: British Royal Navy admiral.
  • Nigel Waters: British legal counselor, barrister, and historian.

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