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Surname Weakley - Meaning and Origin

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Weakley: What does the surname Weakley mean?

The last name Weakley is of English origins and originally spelled as "Wekeleia" during the 11th Century. It is a locational surname, meaning it is most likely derived from geographical places, such as the parish of 'Weakley' in Derbyshire or 'Weekley' in Northamptonshire in England. Locational surnames often were given to the lord of the estate or to those who moved from their place of origin to another place. These names were primarily used to identify a person by their land ownership or former residence. Therefore, the surname Weakley can indicate ancestral ties to these regions, reflecting the history of migration, land ownership, and identity of the family. Most commonly, surnames had a practical purpose such as distinguishing individuals and were based on an individual's occupation, location, parent's names, or physical characteristics.

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Weakley: Where does the name Weakley come from?

The Weakley surname is primarily found in the United States, specifically in the Southern states. Historically the Weakley name has been traced to the English region of Lancashire, where it was associated with the towns of Preston and Wigan. The Weakley name is still widely found in this region, but today is spread throughout the UK and in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United States, the Weakley surname is most prevalent in the Southern states, specifically in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. According to the Genealogy Bank page, these states have the highest reported count of new Weakley births in the US since the 1950s.

The Weakley name is also common in Canada, where it is associated with the maritime provinces in the East.

The Weakley name is also found throughout the maritime world, including countries in Europe, however, the bulk of the population with the Weakley surname is predominantly found in the US.

Variations of the surname Weakley

The surname Weakley is derived from the Middle English surname Weekley, meaning "from the meadow," and from Old English weg, meaning "way" or "path." This surname is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, especially England, and the United States.

Variants of Weakley include Weakly, Wickely, Wickley, Wigley, and Wikeley. Spellings of this surname include Weaklie, Weekly, Weekely, Wekley, Weaklay, Weeklay, Weaklee, Weeklee, Weekelee, and Wiglee.

Surnames of similar origin include Wakeley, Wickel, Wilke, Wegle, Warpool, Warfell, Waikel, Wickell, Wiglife, and Wigley. These surnames can be found both in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

A variant of this surname is the Irish surname McGough, which comes from the Gaelic Mac Eachaidh meaning “son of Eachaidh” or “from the boggy place.” This surname is most commonly found in Ireland, specifically the Munster Counties. Variants of McGough include Magough, Magoff, and MacGough. Spellings of this surname include MacGough, Mackgough, Mackguff, Maguff, and Mackghiff.

Other names with similar origins include McGaffey, McGaughy, Gaffey, Gough, Goughy, Gaff, Gaugh, and Gabby. These surnames can be found both in Ireland and in the United States.

Famous people with the name Weakley

  • Austin Weakley: professional baseball player in the U.S
  • George Clinton Weakley: American historian, statistician, economist, and university professor
  • Luke Weakley: former English professional footballer
  • Earl Weakley: former professional American football player
  • David Weakley: English actor
  • John Weakley: British artist and engraver
  • S.C. Weakley: British actor and director
  • Robert Weakley: American stage and screen actor
  • Kenneth Weakley: professional football player in the U.S
  • Sam Weakley: American politician

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