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Discovering my German Roots: A Journey Through the iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Weise

When the mysteries lurking around our ancestry get revealed, it often brings with it, a blend of astonishment and enlightenment. My paths of exploration led me to the iGENEA DNA test- the results of which answered many of my queries and much more. Encapsulated within the depths of my ancestry was a complex web of history and culture, which was fascinatingly linked to my surname, Weise.

I had always been drawn towards an exploration of heritage, origins, and ancestries. My curiosity finally found its path through the iGENEA DNA test. The results not only answered many questions I had but disclosed a lot of unexpected yet enthralling historical and cultural facts.

It seems that my surname, Weise, has German roots. The name 'Weise' means 'wise'. This implies the possibility of my ancestors being noted for their wisdom and knowledge. The surname fits well into the system of occupational names, where a surname would often describe somebody's line of work or professional role within the community.

The DNA test's advanced genetic tracing techniques revealed that the Weise family originated from the Saxony region in the eastern part of Germany. It was quite surprising to discover that I descend from a line of Sächsische, an ethnic group of Germans who resided there during the Middle Ages. Though my ancestry not only resides in Saxony, I ostensibly have a discernible amount of ancestry from Bavaria and Prussia as well.

I discovered that some of my ancestors had prominent roles in the society. They were involved in various roles such as community leaders, scholars, and even clergy in the local church.

I could take a leap back in time to visualize my ancestors living in the once Kingdom of Saxony, enjoying a rich and vibrant culture, cheered by festive music, wearing traditional Tracht, and appreciating craftsmanship that Saxony has been famous for, such as carpentry and pottery.

The iGENEA DNA test revealed fascinating insights about my cultural heritage as well. German traditions are known to be entrenched in the areas where they originate, and it seems the Weise family was no exception. They celebrated traditional German festivals and most likely engaged in folk dancing, coining, and brewing – customs that were very common practice throughout Germany.

In a nutshell, the iGENEA DNA test unveiled a treasure trove of information about my surname Weise, and the journey of my ancestors. It has not just illuminated hitherto unfamiliar aspects of my genealogy, but inspired a renewed sense of connection and pride in my inherited culture and history.

Z. Weise

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