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Surname Weisel - Meaning and Origin

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Weisel: What does the surname Weisel mean?

The last name Weisel is of German origin and means "little weasel" or "ferret-like." It is derived from the Middle High German word "wisil," which means weasel. The earliest record of the surname can be traced back to Germany in the 13th century.

People with the last name Weisel were believed to be very cunning and sly, qualities which were associated with the small weasel. As an animal, the weasel is considered to be a symbol of stealth and swiftness, so people with this surname may have sought to embody these characteristics in their daily lives.

The Weisel family has a long and rich history. It is believed that a family with this surname first settled in the town of Titisee in the Schwarzwald region in Germany. The Weisel’s then spread throughout Germany and emigrated overseas in the 16th century to areas including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Today, there are many people with the last name Weisel spread across the globe. They may have maintained the reputation of being sly and cunning, but they also have numerous other desirable qualities. People with this surname are often seen as very intelligent, creative, and determined.

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Weisel: Where does the name Weisel come from?

The last name Weisel is a common Jewish surname. It is believed to have originated in the regions of Germany and Austria-Hungary and is of Ashkenazi Jewish origin. Today the name is most prevalent in Israel, followed by the United States and Germany.

In Israel, the name Weisel is ranked 156th among the 400 most common last names in the country and is one of the most common Jewish surnames with an estimated 3,000 individuals. In the United States, the name is most prevalent in the city of New York, followed by California, and is accepted as part of the American Jewish culture.

In Germany, the name is also among the 400 most common surnames and is believed to have originated in Central Europe, likely in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In Germany, the largest concentration of Weisels can be found in western Germany, particularly in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Regardless of its origin, the name Weisel has been adopted and accepted worldwide in the Jewish community. It has been used in various works of literature and has even been adopted by celebrities like Orli Weisel, an Israeli actress. As such, the name Weisel is a common and accepted part of Jewish culture even in our modern-day society.

Variations of the surname Weisel

The surname Weisel (or Weissel, Weissel, Weisz, Weise, Weisele, and Weisler) is an Ashkenazic Jewish surname derived from the Middle High German word “wisel,” meaning “ferret.” The surname is found in German-speaking countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Variants of the surname Weisel include Weissel, Weisz, Weise, Weisele, and Weisler. Weissel and Weisz are alternate spellings for Weisel; these forms of the name may have also appeared while other branches of the Weisel family were adapting to their new language and culture in their new homes. Weise, Weisele, and Weisler are most likely the result of transliteration rather than a separate origin.

This surname may also be spelt Weiss, Veyssil, V aizel, Vaysel, Vaizel, and Voizel. These are likely also transliterations of Weisel, as these spellings are nearly identical. Additionally, the variants White and Voisel are inspired by the Weisel name.

In Ireland, the surname is spelled Weissel or Weiseal. This spelling may have developed when Irish immigrants adapted the original German spelling to their language.

In England, the surname is often found as Wiesel or Wissel. The name is found most frequently in south-east England and particularly in the area of London.

The Americanized surnames WEISS, Whysall, Weess, Waizel, Weese, Weisell, Waise, Wysal, Wysill, Weisely, Wais, and Wysel are all derived from the German Weisel.

As seen, the surname Weisel has many variants and spellings, all of which have the same Ashkenazic Jewish roots.

Famous people with the name Weisel

  • Walter Isaacson Weisel: American journalist, author, and princeturned-CEO of the Aspen Institute, a non-profit think tank.
  • Thomas Weisel: American financier and venture capitalist.
  • Manfred Weisel: German-American methodologist and professor at San Diego State University, best known for his work in information systems.
  • Elie Weisel: Romanian-born Jewish-American professor, author, humanitarian, and Nobel Laureate.
  • Sam Weisel: American entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of two retail companies and the Weisel Family Foundation.
  • Steve Weisel: American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder and executive of Overland Solutions.
  • David Weisel Hamilton: American violinist and teacher, founding member of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.
  • Marvin Weisel: American actor who appeared in several films and television shows, including All My Children.
  • Gerson Weisel: American Oceanographer who worked to discover new data on gas exchange between the air and ocean surface.
  • Klaus Weisel: German information theorist whose work has shaped numerous autonomous and production systems.

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