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Surname Whiffen - Meaning and Origin

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Whiffen: What does the surname Whiffen mean?

The last name Whiffen is of English origin and can be found in various parts of England as well as in other countries. The name originated in the pre-Norman times and means 'the homestead with the meadow'. The Old English word for meadow was 'wifen', which evolved into the modern day 'whiffen'.

During the days of the famous Norman Conquest, the Whiffen surname was popularized in some parts of England. Eventually, the name would find its way to Ireland, Canada, and the United States as well.

Today, many Whiffen families still reside in and around their original areas in England. Those in the United States can usually trace their roots to early immigrants during the colonial days of America.

The Whiffen name has links to nobility in England, as many prominent figures of the time bore this name. Records show that the English Chancery Rolls from 1273 to 1377 include many documents concerning members of the Whiffen family.

Even today, there are countless people around the world who proudly bear the Whiffen name and proudly carry the family legacy. Those who are lucky enough to be a part of the Whiffen family can trace their roots back to many generations of proud people with an interesting and somewhat unique history.

Whiffen: Where does the name Whiffen come from?

The last name Whiffen is primarily found in Australia and England today. The majority of the Whiffen family is concentrated in the United Kingdom and Australia, where about 9 out of 10 people with the name live.

In Australia, the large majority of people with the surname Whiffen live in the state of New South Wales. In the United Kingdom, the Whiffen name is most commonly found in Cornwall, East Anglia, and Northern England.

The Whiffen surname has existed since medieval times, and could be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon word "hufen" or "whiffen", meaning "to blow". It is believed to have originally been an occupational name for a bellows-blower or one who made items out of leather, such as shoes. The name is also believed to have been used in reference to someone who enjoyed blowing smoke rings, as well as a nickname for a lazy or idle person.

In recent years, the Whiffen name has experienced a slow decline in popularity, although it is still relatively common in certain regions. It's presence in Australia and the UK today is still particularly strong, suggesting that the last name will endure for many more generations to come.

Variations of the surname Whiffen

The most commonly found spelling of the surname Whiffen is Whiffin. This spelling can be found in English-speaking countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand. Its variations include Whifen, Whifan, Wiifen, Wiffen, and Wiffin.

The etymology of the surname Whiffen is said to have originated in the English county of Norfolk. It is said to have derived from the Old English term hwifen, which can be roughly translated to mean a wave. This could be a reference to the waves of the sea, as people bearing this surname are believed to have cultivated maritime connections or occupations.

The surname Whiffen can also be found in other Irish and British names, and has been anglicized in various ways. Examples of these include Whiford, Wyfford, Whifford, Wheford, Whefford, Wheffen, Wheifen, Wyffen, Weifen.

In addition, older records have been known to use the Danish spelling of Quifin, which can also be found in the Scottish spelling of Quiffen. French variants often adopted the spelling Vifain.

Whiffen and its variants have also been combined with other surnames, forming double-barreled names such as Whiffin-Smith, Whe lucky enough to track their family history back to Whiffin roots, they are likely to find one of the many variations of this ancient English name.

Famous people with the name Whiffen

  • Matt Whiffen, Characters Designer for the TV series "Star Wars Rebels"
  • John Whiffen, Sound Designer and Composer for films such as "Mary Poppins Returns"
  • Stephen Whiffen, Film Critic and Screenwriter for "The Blair Witch Project"
  • Grace Whiffen, VFX Artist for the animation movie "Inside Out"
  • Aidan Whiffen, Writer and Director of the horror movie "Hush"
  • Andrea Whiffen, Writer and Director of the short film "Echoes of My Mind"
  • Jacob Whiffen, Voice Actor in the video game series "Assassin's Creed"
  • Emma Whiffen, Concept Artist for the video game "Gears of War 4"
  • Sammy Whiffen, Voice Actor in the animated movie "Moana"
  • P.B. Whiffen, Acclaimed Novelist and Author of the Horror Novel "The Land of Shadows"

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