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Surname Whiteherse - Meaning and Origin

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Whiteherse: What does the surname Whiteherse mean?

The last name Whiteherse is of English origin and is thought to have derived from a place name. It is a combination of two words; the first being ‘white’ which is a reference to the colour of the land in the area, and the second being ‘herse’, which is a word meaning ‘harsh or rough’. Together, Whiteherse therefore means ‘white land of harshness’.

The area from which the name is thought to originate is in the county of Rutland in central England. During the medieval period it was known as ‘The Land of the White Horse’, and it is likely that this is the area from which the Whiteherse name was taken. It is possible that the ‘harsh or rough’ element of the name comes from the fact that the land was difficult to work due to its marshy nature, which would have made it a hard place to live.

The name Whiteherse has spread throughout England, the United States, Canada, and Australia, and is now seen as a family surname. For descendants of those who first bore the name, it is a reminder of their origins in a harsh, yet beautiful, area of the English countryside.

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Whiteherse: Where does the name Whiteherse come from?

The last name Whiteherse is most commonly found in the United States, however, there are some examples of it in other countries as well.

In the US, the name Whiteherse is most often found in places such as New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California. A quick look at genealogy websites shows that there are a few isolated examples sprouting up in states like Georgia and Florida as well.

Outside of the US, the last name can be found primarily in Canada, Australia, and the UK. In Canada, the name shows up mostly in Ontario and British Columbia. Australia, meanwhile, sees Whiteherse mostly in Western Australia and New South Wales. Finally, in the UK, it can primarily be found in Scotland.

In terms of physical distribution, most Whiteherses tend to be clustered in the Midwestern and Northeastern US. However, with the internet shrinking the world ever-smaller, it is becoming increasingly easy for this and other family names to spread to places they have never been seen before.

Ultimately, Whiteherse is a fairly uncommon surname, but it can be found most easily in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Variations of the surname Whiteherse

The variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin for the surname Whiteherse are Whithearse, Whitheers, Whiterse, Whiters, Whitters, Whittier, Whittiers, Whitteer, Whitters, Whiteirs, Whithirse, Whitierse, Whittere, Whiteair, Whithere, Whitier, Whiter, Whitter, Whitters, Whitterses, Whittiers, Whittire, Whiters, Whittere, Whitters, and Whittier.

Whiteherse originally refers to a family originally hailing from England. The surname is derived from the Old English given name “Hwithere” or “Hwiethere,” meaning “white army.” The surname was initially used as a nickname to describe warriors who possessed fair hair, or those who fought fair in battle.

The surname Whiteherse was used by those who were associated with white horses, either by owning them, breeding them, or working with them in some capacity. It could also have been used by those who were dedicated to worshiping horses, as this was very prevalent in some early English regions.

The variants of the surnames also suggest occupation. The spelling Whittiers, for instance, could describe someone who was a miller or wool trader, while Whitters could refer to someone who was a furrier, a profession that was well respected in the past.

The spelling Whitere is another variant of the surname and could indicate someone who was a singer or minstrel. Other variants such as Whiteair and Whittire may have described someone who worked with heraldry.

It is clear to see that the many variants of the surname Whiteherse could have described many different occupations and associations.

Famous people with the name Whiteherse

  • Rebecca Whiteherse: Actress, writer and producer, best known for her work in films such as Anomalisa and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
  • James Whiteherse: Musician, songwriter and producer. He’s released several albums and has been a member of numerous bands, including Dinosaur Jr. and Wilco.
  • Jeff Whiteherse: American comedian and film producer. He has worked on various projects, including films such as Grandma's Boy and Due Date.
  • Christine Whiteherse: British singer and songwriter, who has released two albums and been a part of several bands and projects.
  • Ken Whiteherse: Actor, best known for his appearances on television series such as Seinfeld, Wings and Mad About You.
  • John Whiteherse: Former professional football player, who played for the Denver Broncos from 1977 to 1983.
  • Cynthia Whiteherse: American philanthropist and entrepreneur who founded the charity ‘Knowing is Half the Battle’, which helps survivors of violence and exploitation.
  • Brett Whiteherse: Professional basketball player who has played in the NBA for the New York Knicks.
  • Shannon Whiteherse: Professional golfer who has played on the LPGA Tour since 2009.
  • Violet Whiteherse: Award-winning author who has written books such as The Silver Locket and The Dresden Dolls.

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