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Surname Wichman - Meaning and Origin

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Wichman: What does the surname Wichman mean?

The last name Wichman originates from old Germanic and Anglo-Saxon roots. The first recorded spelling of the name was in 1273 in the Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire. The earliest recorded spelling of the Wichman name in Germany was in 1621. This spelling was found in the 'Rostock Landesbeschreibung'.

The name Wichman can be translated to mean 'the protector'. It is derived from the Old Germanic 'wichm', a word that was used to refer to the guardian or protector of the hearth, who was expected to safeguard the home and provide safety and security to those living inside.

The name Wichman was also used as a surname for families who owned lands in Germany; the addition of '-man' to the name signified land ownership.

Throughout the centuries, the surname Wichman has continued to be used in many countries across Europe, including England, Denmark, France, Germany, Lithuania, and The Netherlands. In the United States, the name is recorded in various historical records throughout the 19th century, typically in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Wisconsin.

In recent years, the Wichman name is still found most frequently in the USA, but also in Germany, France, Canada, The Netherlands, and Lithuania.

Wichman: Where does the name Wichman come from?

The last name Wichman is most commonly found in the United States today. According to United States census data, the name is most common in Wisconsin, with the highest concentration in Allen County. The majority of individuals with the last name Wichman are descendants of German immigrants who settled in Wisconsin during the 19th century. This surname has been recorded in many different spellings, including Wickman, Wichmann, Wichmannn, Wendtmann, and Wigman, so it is likely that many individuals with the last name Wichman trace their ancestry to Germany. Outside of the U.S., Wichman is a relatively uncommon name. Since surnames are mainly associated with inheritance, it is quite likely that Wichman was not present in any other countries prior to German immigration into the United States. Until recently, the highest concentration of the name outside of the United States was in Canada, specifically in the province of Ontario. In Europe, the only visible presence of the name is in Germany itself, where the name can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Today, the presence of Wichman has spread across the globe, as many individuals have immigrated from the United States to other countries.

Variations of the surname Wichman

The surname Wichman has originated from various European countries, including Germany, Poland, and Russia.

The German spelling of the surname is ‘Wichmann,’ and other variations include ‘Wikman,’ ‘Wickman,’ and ‘Wickmann.’ In Polish, the surname is ‘Wiczman,’ while in Russian it is spelled ‘Vikhman.’ In Dutch, the surname is spelt ‘Wijeman,’ and in Danish ‘Wiigman.’

The surnames ‘Vicman’ and ‘Wikholm’ are other variations that have originated from German and Scandinavian countries respectively. The surname ‘Whitman’ is an anglicized version of the ‘Wichman’ surname, and ‘Vichmen’ is another spelling of the name in Russia.

In some countries such as France, the surname ‘Wichman’ has been converted into ‘Vicomte,’ a title that is derived from the full name ‘Vicomte du Wichman.’

The surname ‘Wichmann’ has also been recorded as a variant of the name ‘Wichmans,’ a patronymic of the given name ‘Wickman.’ In addition, ‘Vickman’ and ‘Vijkman’ are related surnames stemming from the original spelling, with the latter originating from a Russian and Ukrainian background.

In America, the surname ‘Wichman’ has been anglicized to ‘Whiteman,’ and in England additional spelling variations include ‘Vickman’ and ‘Wychman.’ All of these surnames do have the same origin and are linked to one another, as well as other similar sounding names, in some way or another.

Famous people with the name Wichman

  • Robin Wichman: Award-winning American actress, playwright, and writer.
  • Michael Wichman: Author from Germany and founder of the Wichman Verlag publishing house.
  • Julius Wichman: German painter and graphic artist.
  • Jan Wichman: Dutch jazz drummer and producer.
  • Francis Wichman: German classical composer.
  • Michael Wichman: Award-winning American cinematographer and director.
  • Anna Wichman: British novelist.
  • Ian Wichman: Canadian football player.
  • Adam Wichman: American film director and producer.
  • Raimo Wichman: Finnish architect.
  • Mary Wichman: French vocalist and actor.
  • Christopher Wichman: American visual artist and sculptor.
  • Leon Wichman: Dutch footballer.
  • Robert Wichman: German classic composer.
  • Simon Wichman: British cello player and composer.
  • Elias Wichman: Swedish actor and voice actor.
  • Jonathan Wichman: American classical flutist.
  • Marek Wichman: Polish cinematographer and music composer.
  • Szilvia Wichman: Hungarian short story writer and novelist.
  • Vivian Wichman: Austrian pianist and composer.

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