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Surname Wilk - Meaning and Origin

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A. Wilk

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Wilk: What does the surname Wilk mean?

The last name Wilk is of Polish origin, and it is derived from the old Polish word “wilk” which means “wolf”. This name is thought to have been adopted by a family living in a place where wolves were frequently seen, such as the forests of Poland. This surname can also be found in other Slavic countries such as Ukraine and Russia, in countries such as Germany, and in other parts of Europe.

In Poland, the surname Wilk has been connected to the modern towns of Wilkowice and Wilków in Silesia. More commonly, the surname appears in many records throughout the country, suggesting that the name began as a nickname possibly for a fierce or brave person or for one resembling a wolf in some way.

The name Wilk is also found in education and the media, such as writers, dancers and actors like Janina Wilk, famous Polish folk dance performer, and Sylwia Wilk, a popular Polish actress. The name is also found in the world of sports, with football players such as Jakub Wilk and Michał Wilk often playing for teams in Poland.

The name Wilk carries with it a rich history and an interesting origin, making it an interesting and unique name for those who choose to carry it. The name can be seen as a symbol of bravery, nobility and a strong family heritage.

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Wilk: Where does the name Wilk come from?

The surname Wilk is a popular surname in Central and Eastern Europe today. It is most common in Poland, where it is the 12th most common surname in the country. It is also common in other Slavic countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

The surname Wilk likely derives from the earlier Middle High German word for wolf, “wilke”. The spelling of the surname changed over time, with variants including Velk/Velke, Wilcken, Wilken, Wilk, Wilkow, Więck and Wyłk.

Outside of Central and Eastern Europe, the surname Wilk is most commonly found in the United States, especially in cities with large Eastern European immigrant populations such as New York, Michigan, and Illinois. The name Wilk is also common in Australia, which was a major destination for Eastern European immigrants during the 20th century.

Wilk is relatively popular in Germany and Austria too, likely owing to these countries’ large Slavic populations. The popularity of the surname Wilk in Central and Eastern Europe is a testament to its longevity; despite centuries of linguistic and political changes, this surname is still one of the most common in the region.

Variations of the surname Wilk

Wilk is a Slavic surname meaning "wolf" and it is derived from the Slavic language, meaning "person of wolf-like characteristics". The name is spelled in a variety of ways and it has many variants and surnames of the same origin.

Wilk can be spelled Wilk, Wilck, Wilke, Wilkie and Wilks. In some instances, the spelling 'wilk' is replaced by 'Wulke'.

Wilk has multiple surnames of the same origin. These include Wilkewitz, Wilkens, Wilcken, Wilczek, Wulke, Wilckens, Wilkowski, Wilkol, Wilkes, Wilkerman, Wilkwoski, Wilkerson, Wilkominsky, Wilkan, Wilke, Wilkevitz, and Wilkins.

The surnames Wilkes and Wilkens can also be variant spellings of Wilk. In addition, the surname Wilczyński, which is the Polish spelling of Wilk, is also a common variant.

This surname has a long history, as it was common among ethnic Slavic populations in the 10th century. The surname also appears in records from the 19th and 20th centuries.

In today’s world, the surname Wilk is found in many countries, including the United States, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

Famous people with the name Wilk

  • Roman Wilk: former Polish volleyball player
  • Eric Wilk: freeing climber
  • Joanna Wilk: Polish volleyball player
  • Alex Wilk: former professional American football player
  • Marc Wilk: former professional ice hockey player
  • Bryan Wilk: former professional American football player
  • Jerzy Wilk: Polish alpine skier
  • Olga Wilk: Polish professional hockey player
  • Andrzej Wilk: Polish actor
  • Maciej Wilk: Polish sprint canoeist
  • Stan Wilk: former professional American football player
  • Jan Wilk: Polish footballer
  • Matthew Wilk: American actor
  • Leonard Wilk: American political activist
  • Jeff Wilk: American mixed martial artist
  • Marcin Wilk: Polish footballer
  • Maria Wilk-Wiktorzak: Polish historian
  • John Wilk: star of TV's The Pyramid
  • Josef Wilk: Austrian-born American actor
  • Jerry Wilk: Canadian Olympic alpine skier

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