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Surname Wilkersen - Meaning and Origin

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Wilkersen: What does the surname Wilkersen mean?

The last name Wilkersen originates from a Scandinavian background and is a variant of the name Wilkers. Wilkers is derived from the Old Norse name Vilgerdhr, which combines two elements, 'vil', which means ‘will’ or ‘desire’, and 'gerdhr', meaning ‘spear’. When combined, the name signifies ‘one who desires a spear’ or ‘one who is brave with a spear’.

The Wilkersen surname is most commonly found in Norway and Sweden today, but it is also found in other parts of Europe. The name has changed over time, with variations appearing in the spelling, such as Wilkersen and Wilkerson.

The Wilkersen surname not only symbolizes a strong will and bravery, but also represents a long line of Scandinavian ancestry. It is a reminder of the rich history and culture of Scandinavia, and it is a proud reminder of a time when courage was an essential part of life. In many ways, it is a way of connecting with the past, and of honouring the bravery and determination embodied in the name.

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Wilkersen: Where does the name Wilkersen come from?

The last name Wilkersen is a less common surname. It is found mainly in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The name Wilkersen likely originated in northern Denmark, where it was first established in ancient times. It is thought to have descended from an old Viking family. The name may also be a variant of Wilkersson, a related Scandinavian surname.

In Norway, Wilkersen is the 602nd most common surname. The name is most prominent in the counties of Oppland, Hedmark, and Telemark. In Sweden, the name is less common but it can be found in the county of Värmland.

In recent years, the Wilkersen surname has spread to other countries, particularly the United States. Records show that as of 2020, the surname is most commonly used in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Washington, New York, and Wisconsin.

Generally, the Wilkersen surname is not particularly common today, but that may be because of its Scandinavian roots. Despite its rarity, those who bear the name continue to carry with them the rich history of the Wilkersen ancestors.

Variations of the surname Wilkersen

The surname Wilkersen is a patronymic surname, which is derived from a father or ancestor's given name, and is most commonly found in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish-speaking populations. The variants and alternate spellings for this surname include Wilkers, Wilkerson, Wilkersonn, Wilkersonne, Wilker, Wilkersoner, Wilkerse, Wilkersson, and Wilkresson. Some variants of the name may be associated with another eastern European country of origin, such as the Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. In these countries the spelling may be Vilkerson, Vilkersen, Wilkersen, and Willkersen.

The surnames of Wilkersen, Wilkerson, and Wilkersonn are all derived from the given name Wilk, which is of Germanic origin, and is a diminutive form of Wilhelm, which means ‘protector’ or ‘desire’.

In some cases, the surname Wilkersen may be related to the Middle English personal name Wilk, which is derived from the Old German Willikin, a diminutive form of William.

In some instances, the surname may also be a variant form of the Old Norse and Old Swedish Wilker, which is pre-7th century and a derivative of Wilki or Wilkin, both of which derive from William.

Finally, other variant spellings of Wilkersen may be related to the Dutch surname Wilkesen, which is derived from the German Wilhelm, and was originally found in Holland. This variant spelling is likely to be derived from Wilhelmsen or Willemsen.

Famous people with the name Wilkersen

  • Taylor Wilkersen: Actor known for playing "Cynthia" in the television series "Supernatural".
  • Richard Wilkersen: Award-winning actor and producer.
  • Carl Wilkersen: Former NASCAR driver.
  • John Wilkersen: Former inmates of Nome, Alaska, founder of the Wilkersen-McGreevy gold mines.
  • David Wilkersen: Retired chief executive officer at Monsanto Corporation.
  • Matt Wilkersen: Former professional American football player.
  • Paul Wilkersen: Founder of the Wilkersen Corporation, a manufacturing and engineering company.
  • Heather Wilkersen: Olympic figure skater who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  • Karen Wilkersen: Radio and television host and producer.
  • Andrea Wilkersen: Principal of Grace Hopper Academy, a software engineering program for women.

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