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Surname Willcutt - Meaning and Origin

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Willcutt: What does the surname Willcutt mean?

The last name Willcutt is of English origin. It is an occupational name which means someone who works as a woodcutter or a lumberjack. This name likely derives from the Old English word wilcote, which refers to an area of enclosed land used as a woodland or common pasture. The name could indicate a rich area of woodlands or a profession linked to forestry.

The earliest known person to bear this name is Richard de Wilcot, who was registered in the Oxfordshire Hundred Rolls in 1279. In the 1600s, the Willcutt surname was common in the Midlands of England, particularly in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. It is still present in those areas of England as well as in the United States, especially in the states of Georgia and South Carolina.

The Willcutt family crest is an elephant head with a tower on its back, surmounted by the motto “Dum Spiro Spero”, which is Latin for “While I breathe, I hope.” This motto is indicative of the optimism and perseverance of the Willcutt family.

Overall, the last name Willcutt is one that stands out with its Old English roots, its strong presence in the English Midlands, and its unique crest. The name invokes a sense of hard work, endurance, and hope for future generations.

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Willcutt: Where does the name Willcutt come from?

The last name Willcutt is most common today in the American South. Although it is found in other regions, it is particularly predominant in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Willcutts can be found in other states such as Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee.

This last name is fairly unusual and is not as common as more universally seen names such as Smith and Jones. It is derived from the medieval English personal name Willcote, which was made up of two different elements: The first part was a common diminutive of William, while the second part was cote, meaning ‘cottage’ or ‘dwelling’.

The Willcutt surname has many variations, such as Willcott and Willcote, and can appear in multiple spelling forms. The Willcutt name can be found in records dating back to the 12th century, which likely indicates that the family had been well established for many generations prior.

Overall, the Willcutt surname has a history of being concentrated in the Southeastern United States, particularly in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It is not overwhelmingly common, but can be seen in various forms in many places across the country.

Variations of the surname Willcutt

The surname Willcutt has a few variants, spellings and surnames that have the same origin. Willcutt is a British surname that has multiple spellings and variants depending on the part of the UK in which it is used.

In some parts of the UK, the surname is spelled Willcote and in other regions, it is spelt Wilcote. Additionally, it can be seen with a double ‘L’ instead of a single ‘L’ as Wilcutt.

For surnames with the same origin, Willcute is a variant that originates from the county of Gloucestershire, UK. Willcott is another variation that is seen in some parts of the UK, and Wilcott is seen in other parts of the world where the family name has been established.

The French variant of the surname is Guillaume, so if you come across that you can trace the origin back to England. Additionally, in some parts of Europe, the name can be seen with an ending of -eche instead of -cutt, such as Willeche, which originated from the French version.

The variations of the surname Willcutt are numerous and can be seen in different parts of the world and countries including France, Spain, England, the US, Canada, and Australia. The phonetic spelling of Willcutt is also interesting to note, as it sounds “Willcoot” or “Willecot” in some countries. It is not uncommon to see the surname spelt Willcoate, Willcatt, Wilcatt, Wilcott and Wilcotte.

Famous people with the name Willcutt

  • Teal Willcutt: A writer and content creator who specializes in produced content both in video and written form.
  • Margaret Willcutt: Former director of the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, one of the inaugural members of the Kentucky Women Hall of Fame, and recipient of the Edward L. Grigus Award.
  • Marc Willcutt: Forensic computer analyst and technology program manager for the Las Vegas Police Department who has written extensively on computer forensics and law enforcement technology.
  • Joe Willcutt: Musician and songwriter best known for his song “My Gospel”, which was featured in the Netflix documentary “Before the Music Dies”.
  • Marvin Willcutt: Minor American League Baseball player who played for the Washington Senators in 1941.
  • Billie Willcutt: Award-winning choreographer and director of the Blue Ridge Dance Project in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Sarah Willcutt: An epidemiologist and biostatistician at Oregon Health & Science University, where she has worked on projects related to child wellbeing and health care access.
  • Deborah Willcutt:iliologist who published her first book in 1998 and goes on expeditions to remote parts of the world to research coral reefs and fish from tropical waters.
  • Jay Willcutt: Ex-marine and the founder of Military Supply USA, an online retailer that sells Army surplus supplies to militaries around the world.
  • William Willcutt: Philanthropist and co-founder of the Willcutt-Gaud Corporation, a financial services company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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