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Surname Willekens - Meaning and Origin

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Willekens: What does the surname Willekens mean?

The last name Willekens is of Dutch origin. It is derived from the Low German elements Will(i) and -kens which mean "will" and "son," respectively. The entire name roughly translates to "the son of will" or "son of William."

The name is most common in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, but is also prevalent in Sweden and Estonia. It's alternate spellings include Wilken, Wilkans, Wilkenson, Wilkens, and Wolkins.

Some associated names include Willegeer, Willegers, Willeger, Willemes and Willems. These names are all derived from a Flemish root, which dubs the name as a Dutch name with Flemish roots.

Often, the surname Willekens is often associated with nobility, strength, and wealth. During the Middle Ages, many of the families derived from this last name held a very important place in society. These families often owned large amounts of land, power, and wealth.

As such, many of them were influential in political and military circles. As a testament to their wealth, most of these families had large estates and many of their descendants still own them to this day.

In modern society, many of the family members are still found in these same circles, holding important positions in politics, business, and finance. With their motto of "by will and effort" still strong, many of those associated with this last name continue to be successful and influential members of society.

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Willekens: Where does the name Willekens come from?

The last name Willekens is most commonly found throughout the Netherlands and Belgium in Europe. It is thought to be of Dutch or Flemish origin and most likely derived from a given name Willaume. Willekens is the 1577th most frequent name in the world according to World Names Public Profiler. It is concentrated mainly in the countries of the Low Countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and parts of northern France, including French Flanders. Willekens is used more frequently in the Netherlands than in Belgium, where it is ranked at 2,239 and 3,515 respectively.

In the Netherlands, Willekens is the 432nd most common surname, with approximately 8,006 people recorded as having the surname in 2008. Most of the occurrences of this surname in the country are found in the province of Limburg, followed by Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, and Noord-Holland. Willekens is also a relatively popular surname in Belgium, ranking as the 2,239th most common name according to the Belgian Register of Population in 2008. The majority of Willekens families live in Flanders, particularly in the main cities of Antwerp and Brussels.

In Germany, Willekens is also a relatively popular name, although mainly in the states of western Germany. It is the 8,043rd most frequent surname in the country, with a population of around 4,521 people in 2008. In the UK, Willekens is a much rarer surname; currently, there are only 350 people with the name recorded.

Variations of the surname Willekens

The surname Willekens has a few variants, spellings and related surnames that derive from the same origin. The form of the surname Willekens is derived from the Dutch/Flemish phrase “Willeken” which means “will-warrior”.

The most common variant for the Willekens surname is Wilkens. It is most commonly found throughout the German- speaking parts of Europe and can also be found in the Netherlands. Wilkins is a related English surname derived from the German Wilkens.

Other variants of the Willekens surname include Wälkens, Welkens, Wilken, Welken and Wellke. These variations are found in German and Dutch speaking countries.

Other related surnames have also evolved from the original Willekens name. These include Wilkins, Welkins, Wilkenson, Welkie, Welker, Wellky, Welkier, Wells and Willcocks.

The Willekens surname is also found in other countries such as Canada, the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other parts of the world. This is due to the fact that people with this surname have emigrated from their homeland to seek a better life and opportunities.

The variety of spellings, variants and related surnames to Willekens reflects the global migration of people with this surname throughout the years. It is an interesting insight into the diverse history of the Willekens family and how it has evolved and taken shape over many generations

Famous people with the name Willekens

  • Willem Willekens, Dutch author and playwright.
  • Frederik Willekens, Belgian lion tamer.
  • Jules Willekens, sculptor and ceramist from the Netherlands.
  • Roel Willekens, Professor Emeritus at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
  • Marc Willekens, Belgium's former world champion kickboxer.
  • Hans Willekens, Dutch professor of public administration.
  • Mathieu Willekens, Belgian artist who creates works inspired by the abstract expressionist artwork of American painter Jackson Pollock.
  • J. Willekens, Belgian organist and composer.
  • Erika Willekens, Dutch actress and burlesque performer.
  • Gustave Willekens, Belgian science fiction author and poet.

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