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Surname Willersen - Meaning and Origin

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Willersen: What does the surname Willersen mean?

The last name Willersen is of German and Scandinavian origin. The name was originally derived from the given name Wilhelm, which translates roughly to “will” or “determination” and “helm” or “protection”. This combination of terms likely refers to the degree of might or strength a person is presumed to possess. As a surname, Willersen indicates that the family’s original ancestor was known to have had a great deal of strength and determination, thus inspiring a sense of protection and security.

In some cases, the surname Willersen might be used as an occupational name, deriving from the toponymic for those who hailed from Willer, an ancient municipality located in northern Germany. The town was first noted in a document from 1253, which indicates it was a fairly important administrative center at the time. It’s likely the term Willersen was assigned to individuals who were vendors or merchants of some kind due to their location and association with commerce.

Overall, Willersen is a fairly uncommon surname and, due to its origins, it’s generally associated with a family of individuals who are known to be strong, resilient, and determined when it comes to the pursuit of their goals. It also implies a legacy of ancestry from Germany or its surrounding regions.

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Willersen: Where does the name Willersen come from?

The surname Willersen is most common in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. According to 2020 data from Forebears, it is the 3064th most common surname in the world, with approximately 11,000 people bearing the name.

In Norway, Willersen is the 339th most common last name, with more than 5,000 people having this surname. In Sweden, it is the 1806th most common surname, with nearly 2,000 people having it, while in Denmark it is the 2354th most common surname, with approximately 1,700 people having it.

Willersen is also found in the United States, although to a much lesser extent, with the name appearing in the 10000th position on surname maps. According to the US Census Bureau, there were less than 400 people with the Willersen name in the US in 2020.

The surname can also be found in Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Iceland, France, and Belgium, as well as in other countries, but to a much lesser extent.

Overall, Willersen is a Nordic surname, mainly found in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It is also present in other countries, but mainly in Nordic countries.

Variations of the surname Willersen

The surname Willersen is a German-language name, thought to be derived from the older German name Willardson. It likely originated as an anglicization of Wilhelmsen, which is itself derived from the German personal name Wilhelm. This Germanic name is derived from wil ("desire") and helm ("helmet, protection"), and translates roughly to "desiring protection."

Variant spellings of the Willersen surname include Willerson, Willerson, Wilerson, Wilerson, Willartsen, Willardson, Wilhelmsen, Wilhelmson, Wilhelmsson and Wilhelmson.

Several surnames derived from Willersen include Willis, Williamson, Williams, Wilheim, Willetts, Wrightson, Willers, Wilkerson, Wilkson, Wilkins and Wilsom.

In addition to having numerous possible variants and spellings, Willersen may also be seen as a patronymic surname. This type of surname is derived from the given name of the father, and when used in the Willersen name, would refer to a descendant of William.

In some countries, it may also be seen as an occupational surname, referring to a person who works with or in association with William. It could also refer to a person who would have lived near a landmark with a name that translates to William.

Famous people with the name Willersen

  • Frederik Willelsen: Danish football goalkeeper who plays for IK Sirius.
  • Oskar Willelsen: Norwegian footballer who plays for Aalesunds.
  • Lars Willelsen: former professional footballer who played for clubs like Rosenborg and Stromsgodset.
  • Guro Willelsen: Norwegian ice skater who competed at the 2012 Winter Olympics.
  • Ingvild Willelsen: Norwegian handball player who plays for Larvik HK.
  • Rune Willelsen: Norwegian cross-country ski racer who competes for IL Nansen.
  • Malin Willelsen: Norwegian footballer who plays for Arna-Bjørnar.
  • Jacob Willelsen: Danish professional footballer who plays for SønderjyskE.
  • Kim Willelsen: Danish professional track cyclist who competes for Team Lygt.
  • Mats Willelsen: Norwegian football manager who is currently the head coach of the Norwegian national team.

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