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Surname Willington. - Meaning and Origin

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Willington.: What does the surname Willington. mean?

The last name Willington is of English origin. It is thought to derive from various places named Willington in the counties of Bedfordshire, Cheshire, Durham, and Warwickshire. The word Willington is from the Old English "wella" or "welling" meaning spring, stream, or brook, and "tun" meaning settlement or estate.

Willington can also be found in Ireland, typically in County Waterford. This spelling is generally believed to derive from the same root as the English varieties, either having been adopted by settlers from England, or used as a phonetic spelling by local occupants.

Individuals with the last name Willington typically descend from families associated with the English or Irish versions of the name. Some of those with the surname have been key figures in their respective communities. For example, an Emma Willington was born in Oxford, England in 1566 and rose to become the private chambermaid to Catherine Howard, one of the wives of King Henry VIII.

The widely varying spellings of the name Willington, including Willington, Wilington, and Wilington, demonstrate its popularity and its distribution, particularly as many of those with the name were settled among various populations prior to 1865. While some cling to the old spelling of Willington, it is not difficult to find those with the modern renditions.

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Willington.: Where does the name Willington. come from?

Willington is a common surname that can be found mainly in the United Kingdom and United States. This last name is believed to have originated in the county of Wiltshire in England and most likely comes from a place-name, such as a small hamlet. The earliest recorded reference to the name comes from Wiltshire, however, the name is also ongoing to be found in county Kent, which may suggest that it was a family that moved from one county to the other.

In the United States, Willington is found mainly in the eastern part of the country, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia. This is likely due to the massive English migration in the 18th and 19th century to these states, which was the largest of any group of settlers.

Today, Willington is a relatively common name, especially in the United Kingdom and United States. It is found throughout the United Kingdom, with the highest concentration in London and the southern counties. In the United States, it is found mainly in the eastern states, however, there are some in the Midwest and western states as well.

WIllington is a strong and traditional surname that is still popular today. It instills a sense of strength and history, and its original form can still be easily recognized.

Variations of the surname Willington.

The surname Willington can have different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some common variants include Wilington, Willet, Willette, Wyllet, Wyllette, Wilington, Wilmett, Willett, Wyllmett, Wilmart, Willmert, Willyngton, Willenton, Williamson, Willison, Wylson and Wylson.

Willington is also sometimes spelled as Willistone or Wilstone. It is also related to the Saxon personal names Willa and Wilga. Willington can also be used as either a given name or a surname.

The surname Willington is often associated with the Anglo-Saxon root word "willa" which means "to wish for or desire." This likely comes from the phrase "well willeth," which translates to "one who wishes well."

Willington is most commonly associated with Irish and Scottish heritage. In Ireland, the surname is derived from Mac Cuilenain or Mac William—both variations of William.

In Scotland, the surname was derived from the place-name Wilton, a town in the Scottish Borders.

In England, the surname is often associated with localities in London, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Cheshire, and Oxfordshire.

In America, the surname is most common in Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern and Southern states, as well as in New England states.

Famous people with the name Willington.

  • Hans Willington: Member of the Boy Scouts of America from 2000-2002.
  • Paul Willington: Former NFL quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams in the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Chris Willington: TV and film actor who has appeared in shows such as ‘Modern Family’, ‘The Office’, and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.
  • David Willington: Award-winning British composer whose work has been featured in numerous film and television productions.
  • Maggie Willington: Lead singer of the British rock band ‘The Libertines’ from 2000-2006.
  • Alan Willington: British artist and sculptor best known for his large-scale indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Martin Willington: British actor and writer whose screen credits include the hit TV show ‘Taboo’.
  • Sarah Willington: Olympic level runner and world record holder in the women’s 3000 metre steeplechase.
  • Johnathan Willington: Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning film producer and director, best known for his direction of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.
  • Rob Willington: A former professional tennis player whose biggest achievement was a win at the Grand Slam tournament in 1998.

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