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Surname Wilmes - Meaning and Origin

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Wilmes: What does the surname Wilmes mean?

The last name Wilmes is a German surname believed to be of occupational origin. It derives from the Middle High German word "wilger," meaning "miner" or "mineralogist," and likely refers to someone who worked with metals or minerals. Over time, the original variant of Wilger was adapted into the spelling Wilmes.

The name Wilmes may also be of locational origin. In this case, it would have been taken on by someone from a village called Wilms or Wilmens that is located in the region of Westphalia. It could also have been taken on by people who lived near riverbanks or waterways known as "Wielms."

The Wilmes surname can be found in records as early as the 15th century in Germany. In the 19th century, the Wilmes family began to migrate to other countries, such as the United States and the British Isles. Today, the Wilmes surname is common throughout many countries around the world.

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Wilmes: Where does the name Wilmes come from?

The last name Wilmes is most commonly found in Germany, France, Belgium, the United States and Canada.

In Germany, Wilmes is a very common name among the citizens, making it one of the most frequently encountered last names in the area. The original spelling is Wilms, but variations such as Wilmes, Wilm, Wilme and Wilmeth are often seen as well. This name is primarily found in the Lower Rhine region of Germany, though variants of the name can be found throughout the country.

In France, Wilmes is rare but still occasionally encountered. The spelling is often tweaked slightly to Wilmès or Wilms.

Belgium also has a sizeable number of individuals with the last name Wilmes, particularly throughout the country's western portion.

The last name Wilmes is also found in the United States and Canada, where the spelling is most commonly seen as Wilmes or Wilm. Those with this last name in the United States primarily reside in the midwestern, southern and western states. In Canada, most of the individuals with this last name are located in the western provinces.

Variations of the surname Wilmes

The surname Wilmes is of Dutch origin and is believed to be a variation of the place-name Wilms, which is derived from Old Dutch words meaning “island” or “heath.” Common variations of Wilmes include Wilms, Wilm, Wilmse, Wilmz, Wilmze, Weilmes, Weilms, Weilmse, Weilmz, and Weilmze.

This surname is also sometimes used as a given name, especially in Dutch and German-speaking countries. Variations that appear within this context include Wilm, Wilma, Wilmo, Wilmus, Wilmaes, Wilmassen, Wilmon, Wilmose, Willme, Willmes, Willms, Willmse, Wilmesch, Wilmesen, Wilmessen and Wilmz.

In addition, there are a number of variations of Wilmes found among English-speaking countries. These include Willimas, Willimase, Willimes, Wilimas, Wilimase, Wilimes, Hillmess, Hillmesse, Hillmuss, Hillmusser, Willmesh, and Willmeson.

Finally, other variants of Wilmes are present in countries where Spanish is spoken. These include Wilman, Wilmans, Wilmán, Wilmánez and Wilmas.

Famous people with the name Wilmes

  • Bill Wilmes: Bill Wilmes is an American long-distance runner who competed both on the track and on the roads. Wilmes represented the USA during the 1975 edition of the World Cross Country Championship, placing 15th. He is a four-time champion of the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado Springs and won the five-mile race in 1975.
  • Kristina Wilmes: Kristina Wilmes is a German former figure skater who represented the Federal Republic of Germany during the budding years of her career. Wilmes was crowned as the bronze medalists at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, as well as the 1971, 1972 and 1974 European Championships.
  • Ulli Wilmes: Ulli Wilmes is a German alpine skier who competed during the 1970s and 1980s. Wilmes was the overall World Cup champion in 1982, as well as the winner of the slalom circuit in 1981. He earned the silver medal during the 1969 Moscow World Championships and won the Audi Cup in Kitzbühel several times.
  • Jean Wilmes: Jean Wilmes is a former Belgian professional footballer who used to be active between the late1950s and the early 1970s. Wilmes represented Anderlecht, Lierse and Waregem in the Belgian Divison One, and also the Belgian national team during the Euro 1960 qualifiers.
  • Jochen Wilmes: Jochen Wilmes is a retired German basketball player who represented the German national team during the 1970s and still holds the country's record for points scored in a single game. Wilmes was also part of the German squad that finished 8th at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics, scoring 95 points in total.
  • Fabian Wilmes: Fabian Wilmes is a retired Austrian football player who represented among others the teams of SC Kleinmünchen and TSV Neustadt during his professional career. Wilmes was the Austrian champion in 1988 and also represented his country at the 1984 UEFA Euro Under-21 Championship.

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