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Surname Wingart - Meaning and Origin

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Wingart: What does the surname Wingart mean?

The Wingart surname has Germanic origins and is derived from the Germanic personal name of Winigari, which is derived from wini, meaning friend, and gari, meaning spear. The name was likely borne by a warrior with a spear or a loyal friend. Eventually, the surname became Wingart when various spellings of Winigari became Anglicized.

The Wingart surname is found primarily in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. It is believed to have originated with a medieval family of horse breeders who kept a noble mare known as ‘Grahart’ and thus were named after the horse.

People named Wingart commonly trace their ancestors to the city of Neresheim in Sundergrund, located east of Heidelberg. This suggests the family migrated from Baden to other parts of Germany at some point during the 14th century.

One of the first Europeans bearing the name Wingart was Johannes Wingort, who was born in Köln in 1574. In the United States, records of Wingart families living in Pennsylvania can be found in the 18th century.

The Wingart surname is a proud reminder of the bravery and loyalty of its early bearers. Originally, the name denoted a strong warrior or a steadfast friend and it still speaks of the same values today.

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Wingart: Where does the name Wingart come from?

The Wingart surname can be found in various countries across the globe. It is quite common in parts of Europe, such as Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. In Germany, the earliest recorded mention of the Wingart surname dates back to 1558 in Thuringia. In Switzerland, it’s known that the Wingart family was living in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft since 1661.

The Wingart surname can also be found in the United States. The first Wingart to arrive in America was Peter Wingart in 1685. He emigrated from Germany and settled in Pennsylvania. Since then, the Wingart surname has spread across the country. Today, records indicate that there are numerous individuals with the surname living in numerous states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Florida.

In addition, Wingart is not an uncommon name in the United Kingdom. It first appears in English records in the 1600s in London. Today, there are Wingart families living all over England, Wales, and Scotland.

In total, records suggest that the Wingart surname is still relatively widespread, with large numbers of people bearing the name in multiple countries.

Variations of the surname Wingart

Wingart is a surname of German origin, and is mainly found in the United States. It is derived from the Old German name Wingehard. The spelling variants of this name include Wingard, Wingeard, Wingehard, Wingehrt, Wingert, Wingerd, and Wingardt. There are a few other German spellings such as Wienhard, Wienhardt, and Wienhold.

The surname Wingart is one component of a compound name, wherein each part of the combination could be used as an independent name. The other component could be “Hart”, “Hard”, “Hardt”, or “Herd”. This means that other spellings such as Winghard, Winghardt, Winghold, Wingertz, Wingerdt, Winhard, Winhardt, and Winhold are also possible.

Other surnames of similar origin include Winge, Wingel, Wingen, Wingertz, Wingertzberger, Wingle, Wingler, Winglerberger, Winglerbrink, Wingler-Brink, and Winkel.

Wingart is also a homophone of the Dutch surname Wengrat, which is found mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. It is a combination of the Dutch words “wen”, meaning “to ask”, and “gracht”, meaning “canal”. This surname is sometimes spelled as Wengert, Wendrat, Wendratz, Wendler, and Wendt.

In addition, the Wingart surname can also be found in other cultures such as Chinese and Korean. In Chinese, the surname is written as Xie, and is sometimes spelled Xie Wei and Xie Weng. In Korean, the surname is written as Hwang and is sometimes spelled as Hwang Eung, Hwang Ung, and Hwang Yang.

Famous people with the name Wingart

  • Kevin Wingert: Dartmouth College Basketball Head Men’s Coach
  • Beth Wingert: Broadway actress and singer
  • Dustin Wingert: professional baseball player
  • Reid Wingert: professional triathlete
  • Ben Wingard: professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter
  • Ashley Wingate: professional cyclist
  • Scott Wingard: former NFL tight end
  • Bob Wingard: former NFL linebacker
  • Steve Wingert: Major League Soccer player
  • Chris Wingert: Major League Soccer Defender
  • Andrew Wingard: former collegiate lacrosse player
  • Bobby Wingate: former collegiate basketball player
  • Joe Wingard: former collegiate tennis player
  • Joe Wingart- professional golfer
  • CJ Wingart: Professional Motocross racer
  • Kyle Wingard: former Division I college basketball player
  • Jim Wingate: former collegiate football player
  • Richard Wingate: former professional ice hockey player
  • Don Wingate: Former major league pitcher
  • Reuben Wingard: Former AAA Minor League baseball player
  • Keith Wingard: former professional wrestler
  • Bob Wingard: Former Major League Baseball player
  • Gregg Wingert: former professional basketball player
  • George Wingater: former professional lacrosse player
  • Betsy Wingert: former professional ballerina

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