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Surname Wingerter - Meaning and Origin

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Wingerter: What does the surname Wingerter mean?

The last name Wingerter is likely of German origin and is derived from the word ‘Wingert’, meaning ‘vineyard’. In Germany, this surname was most commonly found in the Baden-Württemberg region, primarily in and around the cities of Heidelberg, Freiburg, and Stuttgart. It is believed to have originated as an occupational name for someone who managed, owned, or labored in vineyards.

Wingerter can also be an Americanized spelling of a Swedish surname, Wingårder, which is derived from the Swedish words ‘wing’ (forest) and ‘ård’ (farm). In Sweden, this surname was often found in the provinces of Östergötland and Uppland, primarily in and around the cities of Linköping and Uppsala. It is believed to have originated as an occupational name for someone who worked on a farm situated in the forest.

The Wingerter surname is found throughout the world today, with the greatest concentrations of it being found in Germany, Sweden, the United States, Austria, Switzerland, and Canada. In the United States, most Wingerters were originally settlers from Germany and can trace their lineage back to the Palatine emigration of 1709, when more than 13,000 adults and children left the area to settle in the American Colonies.

Regardless of its roots, the surname Wingerter implies a long and rich heritage in the vineyards or forest farms of Europe. To this day, descendants of these original Wingerters proudly carry on the family name.

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Wingerter: Where does the name Wingerter come from?

The last name Wingerter is most commonly found in the United States today. It is a German name, deriving from the name Wingert, which means vineyard. Records show that the name was first found in the city of Worms, located on the river Rhine. With the height of immigration during the 19th century, the name spread across Europe and then eventually to America. Research shows that the aesthetic states in the US have the highest concentration of Wingerters: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois and California. Called Americans of German descent, the current population of those who bear the name Wingerter is estimated at 64,000, with around 5,000 being found in the state of Ohio alone.

The concentrations of Wingerter families are still generally found in states that were popular destination for German immigrants. Today individuals with the surname Wingerter can be found all across the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries as well. Although the population of individuals with the last name Wingerter has decreased in recent years, the name is still fairly common and can often be found in local phone directories.

Variations of the surname Wingerter

The surname Wingerter is of German origin, derived from a name indicating a person who lived near a meadow. It is the source of several variants, spellings, and surnames.

Variants of Wingerter include Wiengert, Wangert, Waengert, and Wienert.

Spellings of Wingerter include Wingarder, Wingardeter, Wingert, Wingerder, Wingerdter, Wingeter, Wyngerter, and Wingerther.

Variant and spelling surnames related to Wingerter include Weinger, Weingerd, Wingard, Wingert, Winger, Wingerd, Wingerdt, Wingers, and Wingerts.

These different spellings and surnames indicate that the family of Wingerter likely branched off from a common ancestor at one time or another over the centuries. In Germany, records such as family bibles, birth certificates, baptismal records, and death certificates can provide information about the original spelling of Wingerter or its various derivatives.

The surname Wingerter has many derivatives, which suggest that its history may be traced back to a single ancestor or a single place of origin. While this may take some digging and research, it can be a rewarding effort that uncovers the fascinating story of one family’s journey through time.

Famous people with the name Wingerter

  • Dean Wingerter: Record executive, entrepreneur, and music industry analyst/consultant.
  • Brant Wingerter: Actor and producer who has appeared on TV shows like Friends and MADtv.
  • Vaughn Wingerter: Former professional football player for the Denver Broncos.
  • Mark Wingerter: Film producer of acclaimed films like Slumdog Millionaire and The Artist.
  • David Wingerter: Award-winning Harpist who has performed all over the US.
  • Patricia Wingerter: Cello professor at California State University, Fresno.
  • Dawn Wingerter: Famed wildlife photographer and National Geographic contributor.
  • Craig Wingerter: Award-winning hairdresser and salon owner from Wisconsin.
  • Meg Wingerter: Accomplished author of several books on parenting, relationships and resilience.
  • Ryan Wingerter: Emmy Award-winning television executive producer and director.

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