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Surname Wolfard - Meaning and Origin

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Wolfard: What does the surname Wolfard mean?

The last name Wolfard is of Germanic origin and is derived from the words 'wolf' and 'hard.' It is believed to have originated as a descriptive nickname for someone known for their bravery, courage and strength, as the root words suggest.

The use of Wolfard as a surname has been documented as far back as the 1700s in the German region of Lower Saxony. It is possible that the name was first used by families living in rural areas where wolves were a common occurrence. The surname itself could have been given to a brave, strong family member who was capable of protecting and providing for the other members of the family.

Throughout the ages, those who bore the last name Wolfard could associate their family's origins with traits of strength, valiance, and protection. It is a distinct and proud surname that has been carried down through generations. Today, there are still a significant amount of people who carry the Wolfard last name, either living in Germany or a number of other countries around the world.

Wolfard: Where does the name Wolfard come from?

The last name Wolfard is common primarily in Europe and the United States today. In Europe, Wolfard is very common in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with around 6,000 people bearing the surname. Wolfard can also be found in smaller numbers in other countries such as France, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. In the United States, Wolfard is quite common in the Midwest and Ohio, with around 1,300 people bearing the last name. It is also popular in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The name has been linked to historical figures such as botanist Ludwig Wolfard, German politician Karl Ludwig Wolfard, and German doctor Jakob Wolfard. The name Wolfard likely originates from the German for "wolf-hardy," referring to someone who was brave and courageous like a wolf. It may have also gained popularity due to prominent figures such as the Wolfard family, who were prominent merchants in the 16th century. Today, the last name Wolfard is commonly found in Europe and the United States, and is associated with bravery, courage, and strength.

Variations of the surname Wolfard

The surname Wolfard has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames derived from a similar origin. Below are some of the more common variations of the Wolfard surname:

Wolfardt - This German variation of the name is most common in Germany and Scandinavia. The suffix -t was frequently added to surnames, possibly to identify a particular family line.

Wolfhard - This is another German variant, with the same meaning as Wolfardt.

Wolfert - An English variant, derived from the Dutch Wolfaard, which came from the Germanic roots wulf (meaning "wolf") and hard (meaning "brave").

Wolfarth - A combination of the Germanic elements "wolf" and "hard," this variant can also be found spelled Wolferth.

Woolfard - This variant originates in England and is derived from the Old English "wulf" (wolf) and "fard" (valley).

Wolfardice - This variant could have been derived from the Germanic "wald" and "hard" meaning, literally, "sturdy forest."

Wolfen - An anglicized version of the Dutch surname Wolfaard, this variant means "of the wolf" in Old English.

Woolverton - Another English variant, derived from the Old English "wulf" and "weard" (guard).

Wolflett - A variant originating from the Low German "Wolfhard," it translates to "bold wolf."

Wolford - Derived from the Old English "wulf" and "ford" (ford or crossing), this variant can also be found spelled as Woolford.

Woolf - This is an Anglicized version of the Dutch "Wolfaard," and it translates to "bold wolf."

Wolfgram - A variation of the Germanic surname Wolfhard, it means "brave wolf" and is still used as a surname in some parts of Germany.

These variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Wolfard demonstrate the diverse origins of this surname and illustrate how it was adopted, adapted and anglicized over hundreds of years.

Famous people with the name Wolfard

  • Joe Wolfard: American actor known for his roles in A Quiet Place Part II, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and Power
  • Natasha Wolfard: Canadian actress known for her roles in Alphas, Supernatural, and Lucifer
  • Joshua Wolfard: American traveler who’s been to nearly every corner of the world including Antarctica and The North Pole
  • Elizabeth Wolfard: American painter and renowned fine artist
  • Arthur Wolfard: American musician and producer for some of the most famous bands of the 90s
  • Abby Wolfard: former competitive ice skater who was the first-ever juvenile gold medalist at the U.S. Ice Skating Championship
  • Terry Wolfard: successful entrepreneur and founder of the multi-billion dollar computer parts company ComputersRUs
  • Paula Wolfard: American reality television star well known for appearing on the show So You Think You Can Dance
  • Mike Wolfard: professional basketball player and coach currently working with the Los Angeles Lakers
  • Christian Wolfard: German physicist and Nobel Prize winner best known for discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics

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