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Surname Wolgar - Meaning and Origin

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Wolgar: What does the surname Wolgar mean?

The last name Wolgar is a variation of the Wolfgar family name which originated in Scotland. According to the book A Dictionary of British Surnames, Wolgar was derived from a form of the Old English word "wulfgar" which means "wolf spear." This name likely relates to a weapon-bearing ancestor of the Wolfgar family who used a wolf spear in battle.

The Wolgars were a prominent family in Scotland during the Middle Ages but eventually the family branched out to other parts of the world including the United States and Canada. In Scotland, they are most commonly found in the area of Perthshire.

The Wolgar family is known for having a deep sense of pride and a strong work ethic. They are also known for having strong values and being very loyal to their friends and family. This is likely a result of their strong connection to their ancient roots and the importance that they place on their history and heritage.

The Wolfgar family is an example of a longtime established family with a deep history in Scotland and the United States. Their name is a reminder of the proud Scottish ancestry that many of its members share, as well as the strength and courage that comes with being part of this powerful family name.

Wolgar: Where does the name Wolgar come from?

The last name Wolgar is most commonly found today in the United Kingdom, where it originated. According to researchers, the Wolgar name was likely derived from several old Anglo-Saxon words, including “wulg,” which means “wolf”; “ar,” which means “pledge”; and “gar,” which means “spear.” This was likely the family name of people who puposefully held to a pledge of loyalty and were involved in medieval military life.

Over time, the Wolgar name spread throughout Europe alongside the British Empire. Today, the name is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands. It is also quite common in Ireland, having been brought over by British settlers during the Plantation of Ulster. Additionally, the name can be found in other parts of Europe, Canada, the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, and elsewhere across the globe.

Variations of the surname Wolgar

The surname Wolgar is an English surname of Germanic origin and means ‘hunter’. There are many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, including:

Wolgare – Another variant of the surname Wolgar, this spelling is sometimes used in Nordic countries.

Wolger – An older spelling variant of Wolgar, this is sometimes seen in records of the Middle Ages.

Volger – This is a later spelling variant of Wolgar and was first seen in the United States in the 19th century.

Walker – This is a variant of the surname Wolgar, sometimes seen in Scotland. It is derived from the Scots dialect word ‘walkere’ which was a nickname for a hunter.

Walter – This is another variant of Wolgar, derived from the Old German name ‘Gwathelac’ which means ‘ruler of the army’.

Walrath – This is a variant of Wolgar that has been in use since the Middle Ages and is still in use in Germany today.

Walling – This is a variant of Wolgar and is derived from the Old English word ‘weallung’, which means ‘hunt master’.

Valger – This is a variant of Wolgar that is found in Sweden and Norway.

Valgar – This is another variant of Wolgar, found in various forms in both German and Scandinavian countries.

Wolgers – This is an alternate spelling of Wolgar and is sometimes seen in various parts of Europe.

Waller – This is another variant of Wolgar and is derived from the Old English word ‘wealler’ which means ‘hunter’.

Wolgarsson – This is a Swedish surname of Germanic origin, derived from Wolgar.

Wolgaroff – This is a variant of Wolgar found in Russia.

Wolgars – This is another spelling of Wolgar, and is sometimes seen in documents from the Middle Ages.

Walters – This is another variant of Wolgar and is derived from the Old German name ‘Gwathelac’.

Famous people with the name Wolgar

  • Nathaniel Wolgar: American television writer and executive producer
  • Lawrence Wolgar: English politician
  • Matthew Wolgar: American actor
  • Sister Mary Wolgar, O.P.: American religious leader
  • Harry Wolgar: English cricketer
  • Joseph Wolgar: French footballer
  • Albert Wolgar: Welsh footballer
  • Brian Wolgar: English cricket club founder
  • Graziella Wolgar: Italian writer
  • Dale Wolgar: American drag performer, musician, and artist

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