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Surname Wynton - Meaning and Origin

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Wynton: What does the surname Wynton mean?

The last name Wynton belongs to the family of English patronymic surnames. The surnames derived from the given name of a father, and Wynton derives from the given name, Win. This could be a variant of the Old English name Wynstan, or a modern contraction of Wynfield. The name Wynstan is a combination of the Old English elements "wynn," meaning joy, and "stan," meaning stone. This could be interpreted as "man of joy".

The common trend among the surnames which derived from the given name of the father is to add the suffix “-ton” after the name. This suffix brings the meaning of belonging to or from someplace. This place can be a town, village or geographical connotation. The suffix “-ton” is derived from Old English “tun”, which indicates a rural settlement.

Overall, the meaning of the last name Wynton is the joy of belonging to, or originating from someplace. It could also be interpreted as a joyous presence in a particular area. This is due to the combination of Win (joy) and the suffix ton (belonging to or from). It is a reminder of the joy of belonging to and having roots in a particular place.

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Wynton: Where does the name Wynton come from?

The last name Wynton is most commonly found in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the largest concentrations of people with the surname Wynton can be found in: Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.

The state of Georgia has the highest population of people with the last name Wynton, with approximately 3000 people. In this state, about 0.0005% of the population is named Wynton. In neighboring states North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana come in at second, third, fourth, and fifth in population respectively.

In addition to the southeastern region of the United States, people with the last name Wynton can also be found scattered throughout other parts of the country. In Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, and California there are also notable concentrations of people with this surname. The largest population of people with the last name Wynton outside of the southeastern states is in California with an estimated 285 people, followed closely by Pennsylvania with 264 people.

The surname Wynton is also found outside the United States, most notably in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Spain. In the U.K., there are an estimated 66 people with the last name Wynton. In the Netherlands, this number increases to about 350 people, while in Spain the number is approximately 120 individuals.

In summary, although the last name Wynton can be found in many different countries, the greatest concentrations of this surname remain in the southeastern United States with Georgia having the highest population.

Variations of the surname Wynton

The surname Wynton has multiple variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some alternate spellings include Winton, Wynnton and Wynntoun.

These are all variations of the Anglo-Saxon name Winton. This surname derived from the Old English settelment of Winton where many had taken residence in the 11/12th centuries. This town is located in the south-west province of Somerset England and is believed to be the birth place of this surname.

Some other surnames that have been derived from the same origin are Wynny, Wyntom, Wydant and Wyndham. These variations are often seen in old records and can be found tracing back through families that started using the surname even before the late 18th century.

Variations of Winton can also be found in other countries. For example in Germany, Winten is a well used variation that has been seen in many records. In Scotland, Wynntoun was a popular spelling of the surname.

The surname Wynton is quite popular in the US and many people can be traced via records using this spelling of the surname. It is also not uncommon to find it spelt with one ‘n’ or with a double ‘n’ with the spelling Winton. Regardless of the spelling, the surname is of the same origin and people with this surname can trace their ancestry back to the old English settlement of Winten.

Famous people with the name Wynton

  • Wynton Marsalis: Grammy Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning American trumpeter, composer, and music educator
  • Wynton Harper: professional basketball coach and former player
  • Wynton Rufer: former New Zealand football player
  • Wynton Kelly: American jazz pianist
  • Wynton Habersham: American film and television actor
  • Wynton Stimpson: Australian comedian and television personality
  • Wynton Caffee: American R&B singer and rapper
  • Wynton Brown: American long jumper
  • Wynton Craig: American football player
  • Wynton Shepard: American ice hockey defenseman

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