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Surname Yasui - Meaning and Origin

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Yasui: What does the surname Yasui mean?

The last name Yasui is a Japanese surname which has several possible origins and meanings. In some cases, the name is a variation of the Chinese character for "peace" and "reconciliation" or a variation of the Chinese surname "Yasu." It can also be derived from two different characters meaning "eight" and "well/spring." Another origin is from the Japanese place name "Miyamori Yasui."

The given name Yasui also includes several possible interpretations and meanings. In some cases, it comes from the combination of characters meaning “peaceful,” “quiet,” and “easy.” It can also be considered to be a combination of “ya,” meaning “eight” and “sui,” meaning “well/spring.” There are also other readings which connect it with words meaning “patch up” and “knit together.” Thus, the name generally carries connotations of peace and togetherness.

In sum, the last name Yasui is a Japanese name of multiple possible origins and meanings. It could refer to peace, reconciliation, eight, a well/spring, patching up, and knitting together. Taken together, the name usually connotes a sense of peacefulness and unity.

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Yasui: Where does the name Yasui come from?

The last name Yasui is most common today in Japan. In the 2016 census, it was the 73rd most common family name in the nation. It is also found among the Japanese-speaking community in the United States, Brazil, and elsewhere.

The majority of Japanese families with the last name Yasui originate from the coastal city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture. In addition, some families migrated from elsewhere in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan during the Edo Period (1600-1868).

Additionally, the population with the last name Yasui can be traced back to 17th century Kyoto. During this time, it was the most common surname of farmers and merchants living in the area. The family name also enjoyed some prominence during the Meiji Era, when Yasui Castle was built and many prominent families chose to adopt the Yasui surname.

Today, there is an extensive network of Yasui people in Japan and around the world. They are part of a rich and vibrant history, with connections in both their native and adopted countries. Members of the Yasui family name can be found in fields such as business, politics, art, and more.

Variations of the surname Yasui

Yasui is a common Japanese surname. It is derived from the Japanese elements “ya” (八) meaning “eight” and “sui” (水) meaning “water”. It is pronounced “YAH-soo-ee” and is also romanized in other forms such as Yasuji, Yashu, Yasu and Yasuhu.

Other variants of the name include Yaoi, Yawui and Yashiyo. The related spellings for Yasui include Yaosui, Yaosuy, Yawsoni, Yawsui, Yousui, Yousuy, Yawsou, Yashui and Yaswooi.

The surnames that share the same meaning as Yasui are Yasue, Yasuke, Yashui, Yashuya, Yasuya, Yaseu, Yasuji and Yashuyo. There are some alternate spellings that are derived from various regions, such as Yashi, Yashikai, Yashijing, Yashishou, Yashikoso, Yashikado, Yashikazu, Yashikashiki, Yashikatsu, Yashikimono and Yashiyama.

Yasui is a fairly common surname in Japan, and its variants and related spellings also appear in North and South American countries with Japanese diaspora communities. As such, there are many different variants of this surname internationally, as well as a diverse range of meanings associated with it.

Famous people with the name Yasui

  • Shinji Yasui: Japanese actor who has appeared in films such as Gantz and Bleach.
  • Satsuki Yasui: Japanese avant-garde artist, designer, and singer-songwriter.
  • Taizō Yasui: Japanese business executive and former chairman of the Mitsubishi Corporation.
  • Jūmonji Yasui: Japanese samurai and one of the Thirty-six Immortals of Poetry.
  • Yasutake Matsuda: Professional sumo wrestler from Sakai, Osaka Prefecture in Japan.
  • Atsuko Yasui: Japanese fine art painter from Tokyo.
  • Takeshi Yasui: Japanese professional baseball pitcher.
  • Yasui Sōkyū: Leader of the radical left-wing JiyāHa, an agricultural union and a political party in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
  • Jun Yasui: Japanese former professional baseball player.
  • Kazuo Yasui: Japanese voice actor who has provided voices for a number of anime series.

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