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Surname Yeiser - Meaning and Origin

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Yeiser: What does the surname Yeiser mean?

The last name Yeiser is of Germanic origin and is derived from the given name Aegidius. It is a form of the Greek name Aegidius (from the words aix "goat" and gida "kid"), which translates roughly to "shield of goats". The name Aegidius was associated with St. Giles, an early Christian saint who had a strong bond with animals, particularly deer and goats. Thus, the name eventually became associated with protection or guardianship.

Over the centuries, Yeiser has been used as both a first and last name. As the surname Yeiser is a variant on the given name Aegidius, it is likely that it began as a patronymic name, from the father’s name (Aegidius). It may also have been a sign of respect, taken by a son or grandchildren of the original bearer.

The name Yeiser is fairly common in the United States, although its spelling varies from place to place. Places with the highest concentration of the Yeiser family include Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Indiana. In America, the spelling is usually transcribed as Yaeger, Yager, Jager, Yeager, or Yeiser.

Overall, the last name Yeiser (no matter its variant spelling) is associated with a strong family bond, guardianship, and protection, all of which make it a meaningful and powerful surname.

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Yeiser: Where does the name Yeiser come from?

The last name Yeiser is a German surname, derived from the personal name Ysaer, which, in turn, is derived from the Old Germanic names of Isarn, Isarno, and Isarnus. It is most commonly found in the United States, with the highest concentration being in Pennsylvania. According to the 1990 United States Census, 822 people bore the Yeiser surname.

Furthermore, Yeiser is also found in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. It is most common in countries that predominantly speak Spanish and German, such as Mexico and Argentina. The surname is also found in other parts of Europe, primarily Central and Eastern Europe.

Beyond the US, Canada, and Europe, Yeiser is relatively rare. Other countries where it can occasionally be found in small numbers include countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Overall, Yeiser is most common in the US, particularly in Pennsylvania. It is also found in other parts of the Americas, Europe, and occasionally in parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Variations of the surname Yeiser

Yeiser is a surname of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word “gise,” meaning “spear.” Its variants are spelled as Yaeger, Yager, Yeger, Yeager, Yaegere, Yagerre, Yegere, Yeagerre, Yaege, and Yage. This surname is an occupational name derived from the Middle High German verb “geisen” meaning “to hunt.”

Yeiser can also be spelled as Yeiserne, Yaisere, Yaisern, Yaisernne, Yeysere, Yeyserene, Yeiserneere, Yeyser, Yeyserne, Yeysern, Yeyserneere, Yishar, Yisharre, Yisharren, Yisharrene, and Yisharron.

The surname Yeiser is also present in other countries such as France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, and England. German variants of this surname include Iger, Ihrer, Igler, and Yager. French variants include Igeot, Yegershon, Yegor, Yeger, Yeneger, Yvot, and Egron.

Surnames with close spellings to Yeiser are Yee, Yeakle, Yokel, Yoakum, Eisele, and Eisler. Surnames of Scottish-Gaelic origin such as Yeish, Yess, Yeise, and Yeishor also have similar spellings.

In conclusion, the surname Yeiser is a German surname derived from the word, “geisen,” meaning “to hunt.” Its variants are spelled in many ways, depending on the origin country. It can be spelled as Yaeger, Yager, Yeger, Yeager, Yagerre, Yegere, Yeagerre, Yaege, Yage, Yeiserne, Yaisere, Yaisern, Yaisernne, Yeysere, Yeyserene, Yeyser, Yeysern, Yeyserneere, Yishar, Yisharre, Yisharren, Yisharrene, and Yisharron. Surnames with close spellings include Yee, Yeakle, Yokel, Yoakum, Eisele, and Eisler.

Famous people with the name Yeiser

  • Rob Yeiser: Former NFL fullback and running back.
  • Rachel Yeiser: Grammy award-winning children’s children's faith-based singer/songwriter.
  • Jeremy Yeiser: Professional snowboarder, specializing in half-pipe.
  • Gio Yeiser: R&B singer/rapper, better known by his stage name Gio Gio.
  • Craig Yeiser: Professional drag racer.
  • Steve Yeiser: Stand-up comic who has performed for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • Julie Yeiser: Celebrity interior designer, best known for her work on the sets of popular television shows.
  • Jake Yeiser: International race car driver, best known for his participation in Formula One.
  • Robert Yeiser: Notable American space shuttle commander, serving withNASA.
  • Nicole Yeiser: Professional tennis player and notable Paralympian.

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