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Surname Zaballa - Meaning and Origin

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Zaballa: What does the surname Zaballa mean?

The last name Zaballa is a Spanish name. According to records, it was first found in the Basque Province of Vizcaya. It is derived from the Basque personal name Zabal, a short form of the given name Zabalo, which is derived from zabal meaning "broad" or "width". It is likely the name was given to someone who possessed a broad, strong physique. The surname Zaballa is found primarily in the northern region of the Basque area of Spain such as Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa, La Rioja, Alava and Navarra.

The popularity of the Zaballa name began in the late 1990s and its related names have become common in the area. Those with the Zaballa surname will often identify themselves as being a part of the Basque culture by taking part in traditional Basque events and speaking Basque at home and in their local community.

The Basque people have a long and proud history that stretches back thousands of years and is considered an integral and unique part of European culture. The name Zaballa signifies the importance of history and the strength of the Basque culture to the world. It is no surprise that this name is held in high esteem and is passed down and celebrated through generations.

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Zaballa: Where does the name Zaballa come from?

The surname Zaballa is of Spanish origin, and is most commonly found in Spain. According to the Spanish heraldry institute, Instituto Heráldico de España, Zaballa is the 83rd most common surname in Spain. As of 2011, there are about 54,700 people with the surname Zaballa living in Spain.

The surname can be found throughout the country, however it is more predominant in some regions than others. According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE), the regions where the surname Zaballa is most common are Madrid, Zaragoza, Navarra, Vizcaya and Alava.

Outside of Spain, the surname Zaballa also appears in Mexico, the United States, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile, among other countries. Additionally, it is possible that the surname Zaballa is also present in other parts of Latin America, since many migrants from Spain emigrated there in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In conclusion, the surname Zaballa is most commonly found in Spain, appearing particularly in Madrid, Zaragoza, Navarra, Vizcaya and Alava. It is also present in some other countries, mostly in Latin America, as the result of Spanish migrations.

Variations of the surname Zaballa

Zaballa is a Spanish surname of Basque origin. It is derived from the Basque word “zabal” which means “a high hill”.

Variants of the surname Zaballa include Zabal, Zabala, Zabaleta, Zabalu, Zaballos, and Zabalaza.

Zabal, which is the shortened form of the surname, is another common variant. Zabala, which is phonetically the same, is a variant with a more Spanish spelling. Zabaleta is another form of the surname which is also commonly found. Zabalu is another variant, with the ending ‘u’ causing the pronunciation to differ slightly.

Zaballos is another spelling variant, with the final ‘s’ implying that it originally belonged to a male. Zabalaza is a rarer variant of the surname, with the ‘aza’ ending being of Basque origin.

Zabala is also a common surname among those with Basque heritage, and is often deemed to be interchangeable with Zaballa.

In conclusion, various spellings and phrasings of the surname Zaballa exist, including Zabal, Zabala, Zabaleta, Zabalu, Zaballos, and Zabalaza. These variants help to demonstrate the diverse Basque heritage from which the surname originally derived.

Famous people with the name Zaballa

  • Sebastian Zaballa, Spanish professional footballer
  • Norberto Zaballa, Argentinian professional footballer
  • Federico Zaballa, Uruguayan professional footballer
  • Kevin Zabawa, Venezuelan professional basketball player
  • Ezequiel Zabala, Argentinian actor
  • Nestor Zabala, Argentinian professional footballer
  • Emilio Zabala, Mexican professional racing cyclist
  • Juan Pablo Zabala, Colombian former professional footballer
  • Pablo Zabala, Spanish professional footballer
  • Andrés Zabala, Mexican entrepreneur
  • Víctor Zaballa, Spanish tennis player
  • Fernando Zabala, Spanish political journalist
  • Jorge Zabala, Uruguayan pedagogist
  • Marcelino Zabalza, Spanish professional basketball coach
  • John Zabala, Filipino businessman
  • Claudio Zaballa, Venezuelan politician
  • Leandro Zaballa, Argentinian professional footballer
  • German Zabala, Argentinian film director
  • Jorge Zabala, Venezuelan professional footballer
  • Ismael Zaballa, Spanish professional basketball player

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