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Surname Zachareck - Meaning and Origin

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Zachareck: What does the surname Zachareck mean?

The last name Zachareck is derived from the Polish word “zacharek” which means “carpenter”. This family name suggests the history of a family of carpenters in Poland.

Traditionally, carpentry was an art and craft that was passed on from generation to generation in Poland. Skilled carpenters were highly respected members of the community and were highly sought after to build and repair furniture, houses and other wooden items. Carpentry was also a way for families to make a living and provide for themselves.

The Zachareck surname is indicative of a long history of carpentry and woodworking in Poland. It is a reminder of a hard-working family who dedicated many hours to mastering the art of carpentry in order to make a living and provide for their families. It is also a symbol of the tradition of passing down knowledge and skills from one generation to the next and of the especially the craftsmanship associated with the Zachareck’s line of work.

Today, the Zachareck surname is a reminder of the hard-working generations before us who valued carpentry as a vocational trade and dedicated their lives to mastering it. It also represents the tradition of passing on and preserving this art and craft from one generation to the next.

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Zachareck: Where does the name Zachareck come from?

The last name Zachareck could be found in various parts of the world today. In the United States, the surname is most commonly found in the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southern regions. Specifically, the most recent data shows that the most common regions where one might find the Zachareck surname are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware in the East; Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana in the Midwest; and Texas in the South.

According to's maps, the Zachareck surname is also common in the United Kingdom, with a notable concentration in the Lancashire region. The adjacent countries of Germany and Poland also show notable occurrences of the name. Additionally, North Macedonia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic might all be places where one could find the Zachareck surname.

Overall, the last name Zachareck appears to be moderately common scattered across numerous parts of the world, more so in Europe than the United States. However, individuals with the Zachareck name can be found living in a number of different cultures, providing them with access to potentially diverse experiences.

Variations of the surname Zachareck

The surname Zachareck is a variation of the common given name Zachary and can be found under the many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The variants include Zacharek, Zacharick, Zacarek, Zacarick, and Zachreck. The spelling variations are Zacharek, Zacarek, Zacarak, Zaccarek, Zaccarak, Zaccharek, Zackerick, Zackreik, Zakaryk, and Zakrekka.

The surnames with common origins include Zachar, Zaczkowski, Zagorsky, and Zwick. All of these surnames originate from personal names, either given or family, and are derived from the personal name “Zachary” or “Zakhar”, a Hebrew name meaning “remembering God”.

The surname Zachareck can also be found under its many regional spelling variations, such as Czech, as Zacharec, and Germanic, as Zachreck.

Additionally, surnames with origins from the Zachareck given name have been modified over time, and have been found with different root words. These include Zacharzewski, a Polish surname derived from the Action verb “zachowac” meaning to keep or remain; and Zacrek, which is derived from the Polish verb “zachowac” meaning to obey.

The surname Zachareck is very common throughout East Central Europe, which is the region of its origin and is still used today.

Famous people with the name Zachareck

  • Joseph Zachareck: American artist, known for his landscape paintings
  • Sebastian Zachareck: filmmaker, cinematographer and photographer from Germany
  • Josh Zachareck: professional stuntman
  • Mike Zachareck: former professional ice hockey player
  • Nicholas Zachareck: American actor, stuntman and award-winning filmmaker
  • Dr. John Zachareck: board certified Ophthalmologist and Cataract Specialist
  • Stephen J. Zachareck: film and television producer
  • Brian Zachareck: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Phillip Zachareck: American artist, specializing in abstract expressionism
  • Janice Zachareck: jazz vocalist, composer and arranger from the United States

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