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Surname Zacharyasz - Meaning and Origin

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Zacharyasz: What does the surname Zacharyasz mean?

The last name Zacharyasz is of Polish or Hebrew origin and is derived from the given name Zachary, which is derived from the biblical figure Zechariah. The name is also common in the UK.

In Hebrew, the name Zacharyasz is said to mean 'God remembers'. In some contexts, it is interpreted to mean 'remembered by God' or 'the Lord has remembered', reflecting God's covenant with his people. This is also seen in Zechariah's prophecy in the Old Testament, where he foretells the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the return of the Jews to their homeland from exile.

In Polish, the name is derived from 'zachariasz', which translates as remembered or remembered by God. This reflects both the Hebrew and biblical contexts.

Zacharyasz is also said to be derived from Old German and means 'God is merciful'. In this interpretation, the name reflects the mercy and grace of God and the hope that comes from his protection.

Overall, the name Zacharyasz has many different meanings in different languages, which all come from its origin in the biblical figure Zechariah. No matter the interpretation, the main theme is of God's grace and mercy and his presence in our lives.

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Zacharyasz: Where does the name Zacharyasz come from?

The last name Zacharyasz is most commonly found in the United States. According to data collected by the US Census Bureau, in 2020 the United States had the highest population of individuals with the Zacharyasz surname. The highest concentrations of this last name can be found in states such Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

Genealogists have traced this surname to origin in the historically Slavic region of Europe. It is believed that Zacharyasz is a form of the name Zechariah, which originated from the moniker Zacharias and is derived from the Hebrew meaning "the memory of the Lord". When Jewish immigrants settled in Western Europe, they often adopted Slavic versions of their last name. In the United States, many of these Slavic versions of Jewish names were adapted with Americanized spellings or anglicized phonetically.

This surname can also be seen in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Census data for 2020 estimated populations of the Zacharyasz surname in many of these countries to be under 500 individuals.

Overall, the most common place today where you can find individuals with the last name Zacharyasz is in the United States.

Variations of the surname Zacharyasz

The origin of the surname Zacharyasz is of Welsh origin, derived from the Christian name Zachery. It is an Anglicised form of the Welsh "Wzacai," a masculine given name derived from the Hebrew "Zekharya," meaning "God remembers.”

Variants of the surname Zacharyasz include Zacariah, Zachariah, Zaccaria, Zacarias, Zechariah, Zaccharias, Zachary, Zacharie, Zaccheaus, Zachery, Zackary, Zakaria, Zecharias, Zacaras, Zaccarias, Zaakarias, Zakkarias, etc.

Spellings of the surname Zacharyasz include Zacherias, Zacheryas, Zaccherias, Zacheerias, Zacherieas, Zacharyes, Zacharees, Zacherees, Zachariees, Zacchariasz, Zacheriasz, Zacherysz, Zaccheriasz, Zacheeriasz, Zacherieasz, Zacharyesz, Zachareesz, Zachereesz, Zacharieesz, etc.

Surnames of the same origin as Zacharyasz include Zach, Zacharias, Zaccari, Zacchari, Zaccheo, Zacchino, Zacko, Zaccara, Zacchetti, Zachow, Zachariasen, Zachau, Zachariason, Zacaroli, Zachary, Zacher, and Zacherson, among others.

Some of these surnames have evolved to take on unique spellings over time, such as Zachariasen which in some instances has come to be spelled as Zacherson, and vice versa. Alternatively, some surnames such as Zacari have even dropped the second ‘h’ in their spelling.

No matter the variant or spelling of the Zacharyasz surname, it will always remain a name rich with Welsh origins and historical meaning.

Famous people with the name Zacharyasz

  • Piotr Zachareasz, Polish footballer
  • Arieh Zachariah, CEO and founder of BioCancell
  • Ilya Zachareasz, Russian-born British film director
  • Ilan Zachareasz, Israel-based director
  • Nicholas Zachareasz, British actor
  • George Zachareasz, MLB player
  • Edmond Zacharyasz, Ukrainian Olympic skater
  • Sabu Zacharyasz, Indian writer and critic
  • Michaël Zacharyasz, Belgian Paralympic athlete
  • Kiku Zacharyasz, Japanese actor in American films

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