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Surname Zacherle - Meaning and Origin

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Zacherle: What does the surname Zacherle mean?

Zacherle is a surname most commonly associated with Ashkenazi Jews. The name originated from the German word "Zacher," which translates to "butcher." This can be linked to the fact that the practice of butchery was historically associated with Jewish families.

The Ashkenazi Jews settled in what is today Germany during the early Middle Age and are believed to have come from Southwestern and Central Europe a few centuries prior. In German-speaking areas, the surname Zacherle was used as an occupational name, primarily for a butcher. As Jews moved away from Germany in the 17th and 18th centuries, they took the surname with them, eventually settling in various parts of the world such as the United States, Israel, Canada, and Australia.

In modern times, the Zacherle surname is still used by Jews all over the world, though many individuals have adopted the surname for different reasons. It is an interesting testament to the history and far-reaching influence of the Ashkenazi Jews, and the versatility of the surname. In the more than five hundred years since its origin, what was once a common occupational surname is now used by people from all walks of life.

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Zacherle: Where does the name Zacherle come from?

The surname Zacherle is most commonly found in Germany today. It is thought to be of German origin, derived from a shortened form of the name Zacharias which typically translates to "God remembered". People with this surname may have originated from parts of what is now southern Germany, Austria, and northern Switzerland. The name is still fairly common in Germany, where it is now well established throughout the country. It is also found to some degree in other countries in Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, and Central America.

The Zacherle family has had a long history in Germany. Records show that the surname existed in the early 17th century in central Germany, and it is still found today predominantly in the southern and central German states, namely in Thüringen, Hessen, and Bayern.

In the United States, the surname Zacherle began appearing in records only recently, beginning in the late 19th century with the arrival of immigrants from Germany. It is now most prevalent in the eastern states, such as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and others. It also has a larger presence in California and the Midwest, although the numbers in these locations are lower. Immigrants from the former Soviet Union may have introduced this name to the western United States as well.

The last name Zacherle is still well represented today among those of German and European heritage. It is also found across the United States in various states, particularly on the East Coast. The surname is unique and carries with it a long tradition of German heritage.

Variations of the surname Zacherle

The surname Zacherle is an anglicised version of the German name Zacherle, which is derived from the Greek given name Zacharias, meaning ‘remembered by God.’ Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include:

1) Zacharle: an anglicised spelling of Zacherle commonly found in North America.

2) Zackarley: an alternate spelling of Zacharle commonly used by members of the Zacherle family in London and America.

3) Zacherly: a more common spelling of Zacherle found in the United States.

4) Zackery: a more modern spelling of Zacherle commonly found in England and America.

5) Zacharias: The original form of the Zacherle surname, used mostly in Germany.

6) Zacherl: An alternative spelling of Zacherle with German roots.

7) Zacher: the most common modern spelling of the surname, found in Europe and America.

Other surnames of the same origin include Zavery, Zachary, Zacher, Zachari, Zaher, and Zaka. Zacherle is a surname that can be traced back centuries and can still be found in various cultreis and countries, including England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and Canada.

The terminology 'variant' is used to describe surnames that have the same origin but have evolved slightly in spelling over time. It is important to note that variations often exist between countries, as spellings sometimes change and linguistics vary due to the customs and languages spoken in each nation.

Famous people with the name Zacherle

  • John Zacherle: American television host and radio disc jockey popularly known as “Zacherley” or “The Cool Ghoul” who portrayed genre characters on television in Philadelphia and New York City during the 1950s-1970s.
  • Mark Zacherle: President of The Terror From Beyond the Daves, a fan organization named after his father.
  • Robert Zacherle: Writer of horror movies and novels, best known as the host of television horror show “Shock Theater”.
  • Alissa Zacherle: award-winning photographer and documentarian, based in Los Angeles.
  • Gavin Zacherle: American fashion designer, brother of Alissa, best known for his work producing men’s and women’s couture fashion.
  • Gigi Zacherle: daughter of Robert and an acclaimed composer, best known for her works for theatre and film.
  • Terry Zacherle: Brother of Robert, a record producer and sound engineer.
  • Jimmy Zacherle: American blues musician.
  • Justin Zacherle: Singer-songwriter, musician and producer from Colorado.
  • Mark Zacherle: Musician and recording engineer, based in Los Angeles.

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