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Surname Zamore - Meaning and Origin

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Zamore: What does the surname Zamore mean?

The last name Zamore is of Italian origin. Its meaning is derived from the Italian surname Zamora or Zamorre, which is derived from Zampora, a personal Italian name of unknown origin. The name Zamore is thought to have originated in Central Italy during the late Middle Ages. Its use as a surname was likely a sign of nobility, as families of that era tended to take the names of their cities or regions when establishing a noble surname.

The surname Zamore does not refer to any specific one region of Italy; instead, it is distributed throughout the country, with especially high concentrations in the Veneto region. Additionally, the name is relatively common in locations outside of Italy, such as the United States, France, and Germany.

The surname Zamore has taken on various forms in modern usage, with some versions including ‘zamore’ with no variance in spelling, as well as ‘zamorey’ and ‘zamori’. The name has also been associated with other variations, such as ‘zamorri’, ‘samore’, ‘samorre’, and ‘samory’.

Overall, much of the former reputation attached to the surname Zamore has developed into an aura of mystery, although the meanings of the name remain rooted in its origin story. Despite the many variations in spelling, the name still conveys its heritage of nobility and strength, along with a certain degree of charm and grace.

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Zamore: Where does the name Zamore come from?

The last name Zamore is most commonly found in France today. A quick search of the French Central Authority for surnames website reveals that it is a registered surname in the country. It is derived from the Latin word "maurus", meaning "dark-skinned".

In the United States, the surname Zamore is much rarer. Census Bureau data for 2020 showed that just over 7,000 individuals carry the last name. Most people bearing the name in the United States have their origins in France and other European countries.

The highest concentrations of people with the last name Zamore are found in cities such as Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Bordeaux in France. In addition, high concentrations are found in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. There, it is likely that individuals with the last name Zamore are of French descent.

In conclusion, the last name Zamore is most common in France, where thousands of people carry the name. In the United States, the last name is much rarer but has its greatest concentrations of people in cities such as Los Angeles, California, likely due to French immigrants.

Variations of the surname Zamore

The surname Zamore is of Italian origin and has several variants in spelling and different surnames of the same origin. These variants include Zammarelli, Zammarelo, Zammarelli, Zamarino, Zamarelli, and Zammarano.

Zammarelli is the most common variant of Zamore, and is usually found in regions such as Abruzzo and Tuscany in Italy. Zammarelo is an alternate spelling of Zammarelli, and is used mainly in the same regions.

Zamarino and Zamarelli are found mainly in regions such as Lazio and Campania in Italy, and Zammarano is found in regions such as Molise and Puglia in Italy.

The surname Zamore is also found in other countries across the world, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, and has variants with different spellings in each of these countries. In the United States, it is sometimes written as Zamora or Zamorano, while in Canada it is sometimes seen as Zammari or Zamari, and in Australia it is sometimes seen as Zamore or Zamarro.

In general, the surname Zamore and its variants have similar meanings across different countries, which is usually related to the Italian cultural heritage in some way. The surname typically represents a person who is warm, affectionate, and loyal.

Famous people with the name Zamore

  • Aaro Zamore: Former Senior Vice President: Product & Technology of Nomi Technologies.
  • Armando Zamor: Retired professional baseball player.
  • Barry Zamoore: Author and Creative Writing Professor at the University of Memphis.
  • Daniel Zamore: TV writer who has written for shows such as The West Wing and Rubicon.
  • Ernest Zamore: World War II Veteran and Author of the book, Rangers: World War II Heroics.
  • Hank Zamore: Singer-songwriter and music producer.
  • John Zamore: Investment Banker at Harris Williams & Co.
  • Kim Zamore: Public Health Consultant and Executive Director of the World Diabetes Foundation.
  • Lara Zamore: Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker.
  • Lee Zamore: Theatre actor and playwright.
  • Luciano Zamore: Political scientist and professor at the University of Chile.
  • Nick Zamore: Retired NFL Player and actor.
  • Paul Zamore: Author and former Senior Adviser to the President of the United States.
  • Sam Zamore: Co-Founder of Sanctuary Associates, a nonprofit organization.
  • Stephanie Zamore: Executive Director of UrbanPromise, a nonprofit organization.
  • Tom Zamora: U.S. Air Force and NASA Astronaut Commander.
  • Tony Zamore: CEO of Quantum Real Estate Solutions.

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