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Surname Zanis - Meaning and Origin

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Zanis: What does the surname Zanis mean?

The surname Zanis is of Latin-Italian origin, derived from the personal name, Janus. Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, often depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions. The ancient deities name translates to mean doorway and this meaning is represented within the surname; one who is a door opener.

Throughout the Middle Ages, as people began to adopt hereditary surnames, they were often based on the name of a particular ancestor, or on a nickname or descriptor for that person. The name Janis or Janus was likely derived from a nickname given to an ancestor who was proficient at brokering peaceful resolutions or diplomatic negotiations. This individual would play the role of a door opener, one who could negotiate passage between conflicting sides.

In today’s world, the surname Zanis is quite rare and is mainly found in Italy, where it most likely originated. In regions throughout Italy, the name Zanis is often interchangeable with the names Diali, Genovesi, or Anselmi. Members of the Zanis family are said to be highly esteemed and extremely resilient; a trait perhaps acquired from their ancestor Janus.

In conclusion, the last name Zanis is a Latin-Italian surname derived from the ancient Roman god, Janus. It indicates that the original bearer of the name was responsible for brokering peaceful resolutions; one who was adept at playing the role of a door opener. Today, the surname is still held in high regard throughout Italy; specifically those regions in which the name Zanis is interchangeable with the other surnames.

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Zanis: Where does the name Zanis come from?

The last name Zanis is most commonly found in Europe and the United States today. It is believed to be of Slavic origin, from the Southwestern region of the continent.

The highest concentration of Zanis can be found in Lithuania, where it is the 120th most popular surname. While the exact etymology is unclear, it may be derived from the Lithuanian nicknames 'Zanis' and 'Zonis' – which both refer to a 'smiling nostalgic person'.

In the United States, the last name is much less common – it ranks in the top 30000. The largest concentration of individuals with the last name Zanis can be found in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Other locations in the USA where the name is seen more often than the national average include New York and Virginia.

Elsewhere, the name is seen outside of Europe. Individuals with the last name Zanis can be found in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Zimbabwe. It is not particularly prevalent in any of these countries, however, only appearing occasionally.

Variations of the surname Zanis

Zanis (also spelled ZANIS) is a common surname of Greek origins, derived from the word "Zanis" meaning "life". Variants of this name include Zannis, Zanys, Zanios, Zannis, and Zaneus. Additionally, a common variation of this surname is the form Zannes. Other spellings include Zanes, Zenis, Zannos, and Zanes.

Surnames that share the same origin include Zanias, Zannis, Zannas, Zannys, and Zanes. There are numerous other variants which include Zanites, Zanina, Zanium, Zanou, Zanouv, Zanas, Zanous, Zanotto, and Zannius.

Zanis is also a popular surname in numerous South American countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru. Variations of the surname found in these countries include Zaniz, Zanos, Zannes, Zanetti, Zanith, and Zanegm.

The Zanis surname is also seen throughout Serbia, Croatia, Greece, and Macedonia. Variations of the name in these countries include Zanc, Zancic, Zancov, Zancs, Zancsovsky, and Zancsev.

Finally, variations of the Zanis surname can also be found in Africa, particularly in Cameroon. Examples include Zanie, Zanies, and Zanisse. This surname can also be found in Algeria. In North African countries, it is more commonly spelled "Zannes" or "Zanay".

Famous people with the name Zanis

  • John Zanis: U.S. soccer player
  • Dimitrios Zanis: Greek guitarist and composer
  • Michael Zanis: American film director
  • George Zanis: American makeup artist
  • Mykolas Zanis: Lithuanian basketball player
  • Alexis Zanis: Greek film actor
  • Austin Zanis: American baseball pitcher
  • Gail Zanis: American fiction author
  • Dimitris Zanis: Greek footballer
  • Richard Zanis: Ice hockey player

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