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Surname Zanolla - Meaning and Origin

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Zanolla: What does the surname Zanolla mean?

The last name Zanolla can refer to a number of different people or places. It is thought to originate from the Italian word “zanolla”, meaning “rooster” or “cock”. There is much speculation as to the origin of the surname, although it is generally accepted that it likely originated from the Lombard or Venetian regions of modern-day northern Italy.

The Italian Zanollas have a centuries-old ancestry in their area, with records of the family as far back as the 13th century. It is possible that the name Zanolla has come to refer to a number of different people or places, depending on the region in which the individuals live. In some cases, it may refer to individuals with a unique trade related to the rooster or “zanolla” – such as poultry farmers, rooster breeders, or cockfighters.

The name Zanolla is also found in many other regions of the world, primarily across Europe and the Americas. For example, members of the Zanolla family have resided in Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and other countries throughout South and Central America, and the United States.

The name Zanolla has a long and complicated history stretching across several centuries and a diversity of regions, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the name. However, the widespread popularity of the surname Zanolla over the years is no doubt a testament to the strength of the family’s long and impressive ancestral history.

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Zanolla: Where does the name Zanolla come from?

The last name Zanolla is most commonly found in the area of the Italian Alps known as the Veneto region. This region is located in northeastern Italy, and stretches from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, including the provinces of Belluno, Treviso, Padua, Venice, Vicenza, Rovigo, and Verona. It is the most populous area of Italy. This region was originally settled by the Celts, but was later heavily colonized by the Roman Empire. The last name Zanolla would have likely originated in this region during the height of the Roman Empire.

Today, the last name Zanolla is still relatively common in the Veneto region. However, it is also now found in other regions of Italy, as well as other countries throughout Europe. With the ever-growing global integration of people, the last name Zanolla can be found today in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among many other places.

Due to its Roman origins, the last name Zanolla is a form of the Latin personal name Anicius, derived from the Latin aniculum – meaning ‘ring or earring’. This leads many to believe that the original bearers of the name came from a wealthy family or that they were traders who were highly sought after for their jewelry. Throughout the centuries, the name has been spelled in many different ways, with Zanolla being one of the more popular versions.

Variations of the surname Zanolla

Zanolla is an Italian surname derived from the Latin letter “Z”. This letter was often used to denote high social status and was eventually adopted by some families as their surname. It is derived from the Latin “de Anzano” or “de Anzio”, which translates to “from Anzano” or “from Anzio”. The variants for this surname include d’Anzano, de’Anzano, d’Anzio, Zanolli, Zanolla, Zanol, Zannol, an Anozi, and Anzone.

The surnames Zanolli, Zanola, and Zannolo are direct lines of the surname Zanolla. These were commonly found in Northern and Central Italy. The d’Anzano and d’Anzio surname variants were found in Abruzzo and Emilia-Romagna respectively. The Zanol surname mainly originated from the Lazio and Tuscan regions. The Anozi and Anzone are believed to be variants often adopted by those hailing from Lodigiano, Lombardy.

Overall, the variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the Zanolla surname all stem from the Latin word “de Anzano” or “de Anzio”, depending on where you’re from.

Famous people with the name Zanolla

  • Claudia Zanolla: Italian architect and University professor, she has won a number of awards for her urban plans and architectural work.
  • Melania Zanolla: Italian singer, she became famous after participating in the “Festival di Sanremo” and for her albums released between 2001 and 2011.
  • Chantal Zanolla: Italian photographer and film director, her works won multiple awards at the festival Unico dell'Arte Internazionale and her filmography includes "Il Leopardo" and "Sugarheart".
  • Gianantonio Zanolla: Italian football player who played for Udinese Calcio between 1992 and 1993.
  • Vea Zanolla: Actress and model best known for participating in the “Bake Off” Italian reality show.
  • Fabio Zanolla: Italian snowboarder, Olympic athlete and coach who won the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics.
  • Michele Zanolla: Italian video game developer, he founded the studio Four Pixels and is most famous for the game “Tribal Olympics: The Adventure Begins”.
  • Alex Zanolla: Italian musician, singer-songwriter and member of the jazz band 883.
  • Daniele Zanolla: Italian engineer and entrepreneur, he is the founder of the company ITER, specialized in renewable energy solutions.
  • Luigi Zanolla: Italian painter and sculptor who creates figurative artworks inspired by the traditional art of his country.

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