The Tutankhamun DNA Project

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  1. Roman C. Scholz Administrator

    iGENEA exclusively publishes the Y-DNA profile of Tutankhamun and starts the search for his last living relatives.

    In the year 2009 extended DNA-tests had been carried out with the mummy of Tutankamun and other members for his family. These have only partially been published in February 2010. Despite several demands, the results of the Y-DNA tests have been shut away.

    iGENEA was able to reconstruct the Y-DNA profile of Tutankhamun, his father Akhenaten and his grandfather Amenhotep III with the help of a recording of the Discovery Channel. The astonishing result:

    Tutankhamun belongs to the haplogroup R1b1a2, which more than 50% of all men in Western Europe belong to.

    The Tutankhamun DNA Project
  2. I was modestly surprised by the reported result that the 18th Dynasty of Egypt likely carried the same haplotype as I do. From what I've read, Zink and Pusch have not endorsed you finding. On the other hand, I am unaware of any statement of correction regarding the DNA patterns shown in the Discovery Channel documentary from which you drew your data. If what was show in the documentary were indeed the results of the DNA analysis of Tutankhamun, your findings seem rather straight forward. Pusch's claim that your findings are "unscientific" seems rather weak at best. I would expect him to explain why you work is unreliable.

    I guess the patrilineage of significant historical figures is a rather controversial topic. This is probably why the researchers have not been forthcoming with the detailed results of their study.
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  3. Roman C. Scholz Administrator

    Hello Hetware,

    the original footage can be seen here:

    The profiles are labled "AM_III" which means Amenhotep III., Tutankhamuns grandfather, and "KV_55" which means Kings Valley tomb nr. 55 which is Akhenatons tomb, Tutankhamuns father. The results that have been officially released also contained 2 of the 16 DYS values and these two matched what we see in the video.

    Therefore and as there has been no denial of our result yet we are convinced that the data we published is correct.

    We can speculate about reasons why it has not been published but the important thing is that its out now and can be discussed.
  4. The king Ra-Me-Sse II. [Ramses II.] would be a very interesting case for DNA project. French may have some DNA samples/material as the king's mummy was in France for research some years ago. Could you approach the Egyptians or French to see if you can analyze his DNA ? The king's reddish hair points to a R1b haplotype marker as well.
  5. Roman C. Scholz Administrator

    It would be very interessting to get those samples indeed but at the moment we do not perform analyses with ancient DNA ourselves.

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