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פרויקט שם המשפחה GOFF*GOUGH*MCGOUGH


All are welcome to join! This DNA Study is designed to discover common ancestors among various GOFF / GOUGH / MCGOUGH families. To date, this project has identified the following genetically distinct GOFF / GOUGH /MCGOUGH clans: * Johannes GOUGH of Shropshire * Four GOFF Brothers of western VA / Stephen GOUGH family of St. Mary's Co., MD & KY * GOFF /GOUGH family of Bristol Co., MA * GOUGH / GOFF family of Bedford Co VA / Isham Goff of SC / Ambrose Goff of TN * John GOFF (1740 VA - 1796 KY) of KY * William GOUGH of Buckingham Co., VA * Stephen GOFF family of CT / James E. Goff of NC * Richard GOFF 1763 CT - 1842 NY * George Emery GOFF of Loudoun Co., VA * Thomas GOUGH of Shropshire * BARLOW / GOFF / GAWF family of NC / TN - adoption ca. 1780-1810 of BARLOW orphan/s * BROCK / GOFF family of TN - GOFF adoption ca. 1852/60 of BROCK boy We need more participation from GOUGH and GOFF families in the UK and US. The project is administered by Phillip G. GOFF who, along with Roy L. Lockhart, co-authored The Four GOFF Brothers of Western Virginia (Morgantown, PA: Masthof Press, 2003). The GOFF/GOUGH Surname DNA Study works cooperatively with the GOFF GOUGH Family Association. FTDNA Results for Goff/Gough Surname DNA Study



שמות נוספים בפרויקט

Austen, Austin, Barlar, Barlow, Brock, Gauff, Gaugh, Gawf, Goff, Goffe, Gough, however, McGough, Metaphone KF, Soundex G200, Soundex G100, TABBUT, TABBUTS

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