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Previously unknown distant relative found

I intensively researched the family history of my ancestors for 10 years. However, documentation research did not take me back any further than 5 generations. After a friend told me about DNA genealogy, I had a Y-Chromosome test conducted for EUR 120.00 and found Scottish relatives previously unknown to me via the iGENEA database.

Within a month I found out that my original Scottish name was Morison, a derivative of the Clan name Morrison. The ancestral line of the Morrison Clan can be traced back to the Viking era. I also have a lot of matches with the neighbouring Mac Leod clan, so I became a member of the highland clan MacLeod (Isle of Lewis and Isle of Skye). The chief of our clan is called Hugh Mac Leod of MacLeod and he is the 30th chief of this clan since the 12th Century.

My forefather came to Germany during the 30 Year War as a soldier and married here. His name was not understood and therefore converted to Moritz.

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Ralf Moritz, Niedersachsen

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