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Traced back to the Seventeenth Century

As an avocational geneaologist, I've been trying for 12 years to find traces of my ancestors. I was only successful to any real degree in getting as far back as the Eighteenth Century.

My ancestors came from East Prussia. In the beginning of the Eighteenth Century, East Prussia was largely re-populated by immigrants from all over Europe in the wake of the Thrid Nordic War and the Great Plague. That's a real problem for most genealogists. If one can't find some clue to an immigrant's original native country, then one hasn't really any reasonable chance of tracing his ancestors back. Add to this that, between two World Wars, unbelievable amounts of material, such as church registries, tax rolls, etc. were lost.

In genealogist circles, the topic of genetic testing (GEN-Test) to resolve exactly this problem has been discussed for some time, as a way of continuing research into one's own family tree in order to use one person to localize ancestors who migrated from afar. I had the first GEN-Test done, though to date without any real success. This is understandable in my case, since only a growing number of persons who've been tested will increase the probability of a successful match. That's why I'm not going to give up, since this is for now, the only real chance to find a trail leading back to the Seventeenth Century.

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Dieter Finkhäuser, Deutschland

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26.12.2013 - Françoise Str

Do not vive up Dieter. Persistence along with a strong believe that God Will reveal the mystery of your family ancestry will pay off. Pray and God will reveal many "genetic cousins." I am supporting your efforts. As Winston Churchill said: " Never ever ever give up!"

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