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Post from mihai somanescu to 06.06.2010 08:06:26

I see there are big errors here: the Romanian people doesn't have anything to do with gypsies( the roms). When you refer to the Romanian people, please be aware that we should NOT be regarded as (roms), but as Romanians, the last survivors of the latin language and culture in Eastern Europe. The Romanian name derives from the Roman Empire's name, it actually means, "land of the Romans".

Sorry for the double post, i forgot the "NOT" in the first one.

Post from iGENEA to 31.05.2010 12:05:58

THe haplogroups I2a and R1a are common on the Balkans and eastern Europe, but R1a also is present in many party of asia.

Here you can find a study about a Roma population:

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Samet Yusupovic to 26.05.2010 23:05:51

Some group of scholars including prof. Kalaydjieva concluded that paternal H and maternal M are most frequent amongst European Roma. I see here another opinion of Inma Pazos that most frequent haplogroups are I2a and R1a. Could you please give more details? How did you get this result? For what nations these haplogroups are typical? Thank you!

Post from iGENEA to 04.03.2010 10:03:36

Dear Slavic,

These statistics are based on
recent scientific researches and therefore would have to be adapted continuously.

But as they are not relevant for genetic genealogy and it would be a lot of work to keep the statistics up to date iGenea decided to remove this data from the website.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Slavic to 03.03.2010 19:03:40

Where can I find the "Statistics"

Post from eastara to 27.06.2009 11:06:26

Some people mix the Aromuns, Roms and Romanians.
Aromuns are isolated groups in Macedonia, Greece, etc. speaking Romanian(Vlah) dialect.
Roms(Roma) are obviously the Gypsies.
Those two groups - Gypsies and Aromuns are extensively genetically studied as are good examples of transnational isolates.
I can give link to scientific papers:
"Paternal and maternal lineages in the Balkans show a homogeneous landscape over linguistic barriers, except for the isolated Aromuns"
About the Gypsies, Indo/Iranian Y haplogroup H is the most common among the males, around 50%, while female mtDNA group M is the only truely Indian. The origin of these people from the Indian subcontinent is aleady proven. If H and M are found among other, especially East Europeans, who don't consider themselves Roma, they should dig deeper in their lineage.
"Origins and Divergence of the Roma (Gypsies)"

Post from iGENEA to 14.01.2009 16:01:30

No, this is absolutely wrong. H is the most common haplogroup in Europe on the maternal line and on the paternal line it is the India clan, but not only for gypsies.

Inma Pazos

Post from Arion to 14.01.2009 15:01:54

I thought gypsies differed from others by carrying haplogroup H(common abd characteristic of India subcontinent).

Post from iGENEA to 13.01.2009 15:01:19

@ Ton

No, if you had read my thread, you already would have your answer. The Haplogroup doesn't determines the tribe! AND I already remarked, that it doesn't means, that all I2a are gypsies!! So, please read accurately.

Again: The haplogroup doesn't determine the tribe. So your question about which haplogroup is the illyrian is senseless and wrong. The most frequent haplogroups under illyrians are I2a, R1a and J2, BUT (again) it doesn't means, that all I2a are illyrian. Maybe you read somewhere on the internet phrases like "R1b is celtic or R1a is viking..." All these facts are wrong and don't come from genetists. They are fans of DNA-Genealogy, but regrettably, they didn't ask a specialist.

The haplogroup, the primitive tribe and the country of origin are defined on different bases:

- The haplogroup is defined by SNPs, variations in a DNA genetic profile. Each haplogroup is defined by one or various SNPs. If you have a certain SNP, you belong to the respective haplogroup.

- The primitive tribe is defined by specific alleles in your DNA profile. Each primitive tribe is defined by 4 to 9 alleles.

- The country of origin is defined by a proportional comparison in our database, considering your haplogroup and your primitive tribe. This comparison indicates in which country you have the most genetic matches, so your DNA profile can be typical French or German, etc.

Inma Pazos

Post from ton to 13.01.2009 12:01:26

so gypsies r I2A and R1A so r Macedoniand and Albanians and Bosnians r u trying to tell us that we r gypsies too????

look all I need from u is to tell em which holagroup is the illyrian is the I2A the illyrian holagroup or the E1B1B1 Which one simple question it doesn't need much to think. how is that possible Bosnians who r above 40% illyrian descendant to have the same genes with gypsies I2A and R1A that makes no sense.

Post from Arion to 13.01.2009 00:01:00

^Excuse me can you answer my question on Q&A section?

Post from iGENEA to 12.01.2009 16:01:52

We haven't published statistics for Zigans, but I can inform you, that the most frequent haplogroup I2a and R1a (Caution! NOt all I2a or R1a are gypsies!). In addition this folk have been analysed accurately and we know now, that gypsies from Spain and France are most similiar to the original Roms from India as the other Zigans in Europe like in Easteurope and Balcan regions.

Inma Pazos

Post from Ton to 10.01.2009 00:01:34

Since we r discussing about Roms I am interested how does their Y-Holagroup graph look like if u don't mind u can post it or type it, once more i am talking about Roms ( gypsies or Zigans ) call them as u wish.

Post from Ton to 10.01.2009 00:01:02

I was talking about Romania the country I found it now I didn't realise it thnx anyways and thnx for putting the albanian statistics ;)


Post from iGENEA to 05.01.2009 15:01:47

Are you talking about the country Rumania or about the Rom folk, so the Rom Empire? This last folks was a political folk, not a genetic tribes. Romans have etruscians and itallician origins.

A Rumanian folks doesn't exists genetically, you can see the different tribes in this country under "Statistics"

Inma Pazos

Post from Ton to 29.12.2008 14:12:12

What about the Romanian Descendants and their percentage how does it look like can u post so we can see it?

Post from iGENEA to 25.09.2008 16:09:47

It would be possible to analyse if this minority show a genetic difference from the rest of balcans, but unfortunately there aren\\\'t still genetic studies about this origin. It is impossible for us to analyse a Aramon origin through your DNA for now.

Inma Pazos

Post from Mite Sterjov to 25.09.2008 16:09:24

I was hopping u would have any information about Aromans (Vlahs, Cincars...). We are a small minority on the Balkans, and hope u could share some light on the origin, ore any DNA research u have done in the past.

Your origin analysis